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questions about near future plans of game

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Well, so far I am having a great time with the demo and will get the game when it arrives, I had planned on Panzer Elite but CM changed my mind. I do have some questions about the game.

I read in the FAQ that the editor will allow creating original maps. Has anyone considered turning the old Squad Leader maps and battles into CM maps and battles? Will the editor permit making custom buildings, hills, etc. Or is the editor limiting you to rubber stamping stock buildings at a location? Will the editor permit creating your own units (creating vehicles or modifying exiting vehicles)?

Has anyone figure out how to "fiddle" with the demo to turn night into day, crate fog, rain, or other environmental affects?

Providing sales are good enough has anyone said what the sequel might be? Russia is the obvious choice HOWEVER the early war in Poland and France could also be interesting. The only bad thing about the Russian battles is that the database of vehicles is huge. The evolution of vehicles in that 4 years was probably the greatest in military history.

Where is a list of the hot keys in the game? Is there a key that cycles through your units so that you do not have to search for them manually?

Mike Thompson

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Guest Big Time Software

Hi Mike,

Some of our Beta Testers have already tried to make ASL scenarios in CM. Results are mixed. Don't forget that ASL's stuff was play balanced using that system, not ours wink.gif

You can't change the scenarios around in the Demo. Lots of code was ripped out (security reasons), as well as sounds and graphics (download size).

Eastern Front is next. Probably one year after the release of CM.

To see the Hotkeys, have no units selected and then click on the "Hotkeys" button in the display panel at the bottom of your screen. +/- keys cycle through your units.


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