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Y2K, Your2K, Im2K..Thursdays CMHQ Update!

Guest Madmatt

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Guest Madmatt

Well the Millenium is coming to a close, the world ecomy is on the upswing and people are happy all over...Well ok, maybe not BUT we do have a nice update for you over at CMHQ!!!

First up we have Turn 3 of the AAR between Fionn and Rick! Can the self admited PBEM newbie dethrone the master himself? Don't know but he has a pretty good turn 3! Check it out.

Also added is a GREAT new picture from artist extrodinaire: Max Molinaro. This one is great and I almost fell out of my seat laughing!!!! Its in the newly remodeled Screenshot Gallery

Plus get your daily Quick Tactic...

So fire up that new generator and wait for the end of time with Combat Mission HQ...

Madmatt out..and counting the minutes...


If it's in Combat Mission, it's on Combat Mission HQ!


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I can't get my browser to locate the CMHQ server either to check out the update or look at Fionn's pics for the Meta-Campaign. frown.gif

Is there some problem at that end, or am I being routed from this end of the earth through one of your DOD facilities being shut down for Y2K?

Sure hope e-mail still works to that side of the world, or I am gonna have to do some work. Boo hoo.

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Thankfully, I became aware of CM a week or so ago. I can not imagine what folks from almost year ago (since the demo release)

are going through in anticipation.

Perhaps a keyword search ... "Waiting" or "Can't wait" or "When" or "Release" might pull out threads on the same topic

from the BBS archive.

Screen shots, movies and AARs (as great as they are promoting the software) can separate Us into the "haves" and the "have nots". Is this a good thing for the long run? Do any of the "have nots" find the info valuable? I guess so, but I ask anyway because so many have have played the demo already and await the Visa bill to kick-in.

(This demo might go down in wargaming history(?))

I enjoy this BBS very much. This is not a flame, but the screen shots and AARs

remind me of that tease from 10th grade ... what was her name? If the intent

was to elicit that feeling - great marketing.

- Kevin


Thanks to all for answering my newcomer questions.

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