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Infantry Tac AI

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Any chance there could be a change to the tac ai regarding infantry and armor threats? Currently infantry will sit and watch enemy armor slowly turn aim and fire before they will react. Particularily troublesome when infantry is lacking any anti tank capacity and is outside of close assault range.

I'd think some sort of self preservation should kick in when the team doesn't have any capacity to deal with the threat.

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Agreed. A "Hit the Dirt!" reflex triggered by perception of an incoming threat that hasn't quite arrived seems like a logical evolution. On the other hand, it's likely not simple from a programming standpoint. Is every unit continuously checking enemies in LOS for "imminent threats", and how is that defined? What's the PC hit?

My thought was that the "reflex" (varying by unit Experience?) could be triggered by the exploding HE round itself, not needing a separate scan. Instead of one "bang", there would be two.... the first is undetectable to the player, but triggers the Cower reflex (and perhaps a warning shout) in eligible units a split second before the "real" fireworks. Still requires some programming gymnastics of course, and probably best left to a later engine evolution, but economical in terms of calculation load. FWIW.

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