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How do you land troops on enemy shores?

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I just bought sc2 blitz. I played the first one for a million years. I do not understand how to land troops? Do you always have to use amphib assault? Can you attack another country using just transport? Is it possible to take a port without taki g a city?

My main question is how come i cant always land my troops? So

Sometimes i have clear weather and amphib assault and still it wont let me land them?

Unrelated, hhow do rail and road work, do you have try travel right along them? Also, what do engineers do? Thx

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Hi milk1, and welcome to the Strategic Command Forum!

You need to use amphibs if you want to land your units on a coastal tile.

Attacks with transports are not possible.

You can land amphibs only into friendly or enemy tiles, but not on neutral countries.

You can't land into a tile which is defended by an enemy unit (at least not in SC2 blitz).

If there are other situations where you can't land an amphib, it would be helpful to sea the map to understand why it isn't possible.

Engineers can build fortifications (right click on unit, than you have to chose the fortify option from the menu).

If you travel on roads (marching), than this will take less action (movement) points. So you will be able to move better.

Rails are important for operational movement (OP Movement). This cost MPPs, but you can move the unit to a connected railway tile on the map. For OP movement your unit has to start its turn in good supply on a rail tile.

More and better informations should be in the game manual.


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