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American Weapons Platoon Changes

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It looks like something that didn't work quite right with American weapons platoons in CMBN is now functioning as it should in CMBN. That is, the mortar and machine gun sections each have their own section HQ (who is marked with the HQ icon), who then reports to the platoon CO. This means that now the platoon leader doesn't have to try to maintain C2 with all the weapons assets under his command, but rather now has a "relay" in the form of the section HQs.

It definitely makes it easier now to properly employ these heavy weapons assets. :)

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I always wondered about that and thought those assets weren't directly linked to the platoon leader. It's nice to be able to have that mortar team loiter a little farther from the front line and still be able to communicate with it. It doesn't make as much of a difference with the MGs but from what I understand, they were usually an element of weapons platoon and occaisionaly attached to a platoon as needed.

All in all, I like the change as well.

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