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CMFI Ground Tile Sizes

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This post is to document the ground tile sizes for CMFI. I did a similar post for the tile sizes in CMBN (see http://filefront.battlefront.com/community/showpost.php?p=1387474&postcount=6) and the only thing that has changed between them is that the base grass files (ground grass and ground grass yellow) were changed form 50m tiles to 8m tiles. Some tiles were also added and are shown with an asterisk (*) after their names.

The chart below shows the bitmap name followed by it's size in meters squared.

Ground grass - 8m

Ground grass yellow - 8m

Ground dirt - 22.7m

Ground dirt red - 22.7m

Ground forest floor - 22.4m

Ground light forest floor* - 22.4m

Ground dense forest floor* - 22.4m

Ground hard - 22.4m

Ground hard red* - 22.4m

Ground rocky - 22.4m

Ground rocky red - 22.4m

Ground heavy rocks* - 22.4m

Ground sand - 22.4m

Ground brush - 16m

Ground brush hard - 16m

Ground brush red* - 16m

Ground brush hard red* - 16m

ground mud - 11.2m

ground marsh - 11.2m

Ground dirt ploughed ew - 10m

Ground dirt ploughed ns - 10m

Ground ford - 8m

Ground rubble - 8m

Ground highway - 8m

Ground railroad - 8m

Ground paved - 8m

Ground paved 2 - 8m

Ground cliff - 6.4m

Ground cobblestone - 5.8m

Ground pavement - 5.44m

Ground gravel - 4.5m

Ground dirt road - 4.5m

Ground pavement 2 - 4.44m

Ground green crop - 3.5m

Ground grain - 2.56m

These tile sizes in meters are independent of the tile size in pixels. In other words no matter how big or small the bitmap in pixels, the tile will be smeared or compressed to cover the same distance in meters on the 3D map.

In contrast to the base ground files above, all the unnumbered mini ground files (e.g. mini ground grass) are 1 meter per pixel when displayed on the 3D map. In other words, if the mini file is 50 pixels square, it will be 50m square on the 3D map.

I haven't been able to figure out exactly what the numbered mini ground files do (e.g. mini ground grass 1, mini ground grass 2, etc.) but I think they are used in the far view to blend two unnumbered mini ground files together. I don't know for sure what their size is at this point either, but I think it they are also 1m/pixel.

The base grid for terrain deformations seems to be 2 meters. In other words, each bend in the terrain is exactly 2 meters to the closest possible adjacent perpendicular bend in the terrain. The logic for the bends seems to be the same as in CMx1 (and CMBN), which is four possible bend directions per 2m square square (2 corner to corner, 1 middle top to bottom and one middle side to side - imagine a square with four lines drawn through it all crossing in the middle of the square).

I have made a grid for the terrain files based on this information which I will post shortly.

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Good stuff Rocket-Man.. I also have a grid mod coming (posted yesterday) to the repository.

How did you deal with grid alignment for overlapping tiles? Or did you? That is my main issue with the grids. I can get the sizes approximately the same, but many of the grids will not align as they butt up against each other.

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I posted a grid to the Repository today as well. The base ground files are the grass files (ground grass and ground grass yellow). The breaks in these files lay exactly on the underlying terrain geometry, which appears to be 2m. So I used a 2m nominal grid on all my files, but the actual spacing for all the terrain files are shown below:

Terrain File-grid spacing

Ground grass - 2m

Ground grass yellow - 2m

Ground dirt – 1.89m

Ground dirt red - 1.89m

Ground forest floor - 1.87m

Ground light forest floor - 1.87m

Ground dense forest floor - 1.87m

Ground hard - 1.87m

Ground hard red - 1.87m

Ground rocky - 1.87m

Ground rocky red - 1.87m

Ground heavy rocks - 1.87m

Ground sand - 1.87m

Ground brush - 2m

Ground brush hard - 2m

Ground brush red - 2m

Ground brush hard red - 2m

ground mud – 1.87m

ground marsh – 1.87m

Ground dirt ploughed ew - 2m

Ground dirt ploughed ns - 2m

Ground ford - 2m

Ground rubble - 2m

Ground highway - 2m

Ground railroad - 2m

Ground paved - 2m

Ground paved 2 - 2m

Ground cliff – 2.13m

Ground cobblestone – 1.93m

Ground pavement – 1.81m

Ground gravel – 2.25m

Ground dirt road – 2.25m

Ground pavement 2 – 2.22m

Ground green crop – 2.56m

Ground grain – 2.56m

To get the grid lines approximately equal width in game for all the tiles I had to use quite a few different grids, but with the current engine and tile sizes it is impossible to get the same in game grid distances on all the tiles.

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