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PK, thanks for the link... I haven't read it yet but am posting to suggest downloading the demo to see if you like the game (which is why BF makes demo's; they don't want you buying a game you don't like). I don't know if there is a CMFI demo available yet, but the CMBN demo should give you something to mess around with until there is.

edit: All in all a fair review, IMHO.

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Thx for the response guys, it seemed a pretty balanced review to me too by someone who understands the genre and what type of game the devs are aiming for.

I already own CMBN but not played it in a while so thought I might pick up CMFI and learn to play again using the new engine and wait for the CMBN upgrade arrive (I think that will be when the Market Garden expansion comes out). Also chronologically it makes sense but that might be me arguing in favor of a purchase.

I must confess that the Regio Esercito are a major draw. Having been brought up on tales of Italian military incompetence there is a perverse streak in me that wants to see if I can turn them into battlefield titans. Unless of course I hear that all their officers look and sound like Nicholas Cage in which case the deals off :D

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...wait for the CMBN upgrade arrive (I think that will be when the Market Garden expansion comes out)...

Just to be clear, the upgrade is due before the expansion. Perhaps not very long before, but probably long enough that many people will figure the extra money spent because of not waiting for the OpMG-v2 bundle deal is worth it. At least that's the plan so far outlined by Steve et al.

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