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H2HH 1.7.1 Available in the dropbox

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1.7.1 is supposed to:

- Know about CMFI, so it automatically detects it and sets up correctly for it

- Ensure that if you have a turn waiting, then a tab is visible with a waiting turn

(IE no more "CMBN tab at the front with no games waiting, CMFI tab deselected but has games waiting).

For the PC I think it's Beta: people have been using it, it seems fine.

For the Mac, it's "Alpha": it's the first time I've built H2HH for the Mac, only me and Charles-Mac-Texas-Toast have run it that I know of. Visually it's not 100% perfect (the refresh button got squished by my version of the tools) but it seems to work :)


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A note about some windows problems that seem to crop up from time to time...

On Windows, sometimes people report that H2HH "freezes" when they click to chat.

In fact, what happens is that for some reason Windows decides that the right place for the chat window is off the screen somewhere. I haven't been able to figure why this is happening, though I suspect something to do with multiple monitor use.

Anyhow, for now the cure is "kill it and restart H2HH from the dos prompt like this:

h2hh.exe reset-windows"

This is mentioned in the FAQ.

I haven't heard of this exact thing happening on a Mac (yet). For me, on a Mac, when H2HH is iconified, sometime the main window seems to end up off the screen. On the Mac that I have, this is easy to deal with: right click "show all windows" works.

I'm sure I'll eventually figure it out and remedy....


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