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Playtesters needed for 40min small RT battle

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I'm midway through making a new small scale scenario (CMBN:CW) and would appreciate testers to give their opinion on viability, difficulty, improvements etc.., as well as potential additional AI plans.

It is playable as either side versus AI (but has just one plan each side so far) and I'm sure it would be interesting HvH. My results v AI have been startlingly varied so it's been impossble to really assess balance and of course, as designer, I know, even if I pretend I don't, what's happening.

It is a 1940 scenario, fictional, but accrueing details from several real battles, and involves an incompletely destroyed bridge over a small river (The Lanne). The attacking German Infantry must probe at night and take the village on the far side of the river. They are opposed by a small British Mechanised Cavalry force (1940 equiped). Thats the only briefing you get so far.

If any one is interested then please PM me through this site and give an email address to which I can send the file (or I'll PM you back with my email).

Screenshots and discussions can be left here if you like.

Depending on response I may just send out to the first six potential testers, but will let you know what's happening through this thread.

Cheers and thanks in advance. CF

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