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Italian Recon

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You mean the Battalion's recon platoon? They are under direct command of the Battalion commander, that's what qualifies them. If the commander wants to know something, it's easier for him to tell his own platoon to check it because there is one middle hand less. Just like a Regimental reconnaissance company acts for the Regiment's commander.

They're also not armed with LMGs. Occasionally some men carry SMGs but clearly they lack some serious firepower compared to rifle platoons.

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What is even more amusing is that they have no contact with higher HQs - who exactly are they going to report their recon findings to? I guess they have to rely on pigeons or a good runner.

In a WW2 context not too unusual. They do their recce, come back and debrief the commander. like the opening scene in cross of Iron.... Cpl Steiner says to his Captain on return of his reconnaissance: I expect you'll be hearing from the Russians very soon" or something like that.

In the game context they are just a different squad on the TOE being thrown into the battle.

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If you enjoy war movies check out MY WAY. Has more huge battle scenes than anything I have ever seen. More intense than the Normandy landing in "Saving Private Ryan" and just plain bigger than "Longest Day", "Bridge Too Far" etc etc.

It starts with the Japanese war in China, goes through Russia vs the Nazis in a Stalingrad-like sequence, and ends with the Normandy invasion, but from the German POV!

Why you ask have we never heard of it?

It was produced a couple years ago by Koreans!! (Yes, I was amazed too.) Google it and check out the amazing trailers. I rented it the other week and was "blown away" (metaphorically natch).

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