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CMFI CO-OP-Multiplayer! Who wants to play?

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Players interested to participate in a co-op-multiplayer PBEM battle?

For those unfamiliar with co-op-play:

Instead of one player controlling all forces of one side in a CM-scenario (this is not meta-

campaigning!), the command of the forces of one side is split among several players and each

player commands only his units.

A guide with detailed explanations and the rules can be found here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/96409796/CM%20COOP-Multiplayer-Guide.pdf

Since this the very first test, you should be aware, that things could not run as smoothly as the theory makes believe.

A game can be played if at mimimum 4 players (2 vs 2) are willing to participate. The system can handle up to 52 players... :D

One commander on each side. He decides the tactics and makes sure, that the players will be able to communicate. Instead of 2 pages, the commander must read 10 pages. ;)

As file exchange system i want to use Dropbox instead of the e-mail-only-system.

The suggested CM difficulty level: Elite. But if anyone wants to play another level, it's ok.

Expected player experience: None. Just liking playing PBEM-games and be interested how how co-op works. Experience with PBEM could be useful - but i don't know.

My turn rate: Expect turns from me only on Saturday and Sunday evening CET. Expect no turns from Mo - Fr. (you see, the turn rate will be quite low; if this system works as expected, ofcourse players with high turn rates can make their own, faster paced games)

Preferred commanding system: both; NORMAL COMMANDER (a CM-player is the commander) and the DEDICATED COMMANDER (a player without own CM-units on the battlefield) are fine for me.

Available as: normal commander, dedicated commander

Preferred side: Axis.

Preferred game length: short.

Scenario preference: none.

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