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Rock, Paper, Shotgun features CMFI in Simulation & wargame news

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I always like to read Tim's perspective on CM.

I do think, as Ranger33 said, that the new shaders "pop" best when viewed in comparison to the old rendering pipeline. We did try to make all of the effects look natural, so it would tend not to leap out at you. :) Thanks for the kind words, Ranger33.

We'll have further improvements to things as time goes on.

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His rendering comment was actually awesome I think! IMHO the benefit of the shaders wasn't to make the models and close in terrain look significantly better than CMBN, it was to make it run faster and ease production bottlenecks while looking no worse than CMBN. Therefore, I see his comments of "to my eye CMFI’s units and venues aren’t noticeably prettier than Commonwealth Forces’" as a measure of success even if further tweaking of settings doesn't improve it further.

Phil's comments about better blending and less "popping" are true too, and probably a little less obvious unless flipping back and forth between the two games. And as Phil said, this is just the beginning of the improvements.


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What a fun set of reviews! Great approach to covering CMFI, I like the toys in SF (also juxtaposition of KT and obscure amphibious tankette), and hopped over to take a look at Panzer Elite SE, which I had no idea even existed. I remember being crushed when I learned about the JoWood turd that came out as Panzer Elite 2, I think. This PE SE seems to be the perfected version of a game I loved, helped improve, and is what brought me to CMBO via the famous animated banner which ran atop the PEDG (Panzer Elite Discussion Group Development) page. Memories!


John Kettler

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