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Wong side of map in QB

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I know I saw this in a thread a few months back but my searches didn't find it.

QB against human. Manaul troop selection but auto map selection. Mixed forces for both. My defending US Army ended up in the far side of the map away from the objective. His German attackers were in and around the objective. We have a file(s).

Again I know I saw a thread on this. What is the solution other than re-pick?:confused:

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You will have to re-pick.

What usually helps is to check the battle type "Axis Attack", "Axis Probe" etc. before setting up the QB in the Scenario Editor. Then set "Human pick" in the map selection and choose an appropriate map.

I think what mostly does not work is putting the Germans on the attacking side of a QB (and the Allies on the defending side) when that QB is an "Allied Attack" or "Allied Assault" etc. This can be avoided if you select the map manually.

Other than that, I don't know of any workaround.

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