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Axis Side - 20 000 point Quick Battle DAR

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So far only a few sightings of enemy vehicles have livened things up. A very bolshie Staghound ( I think ) whaled on a Panther which couldn't see him. A few Axis rounds have been fired at scouting Allied vehicles, all missed :(

One of the things I like about large battles is that moving to contact involves actually moving a non trivial distance and you have choice in where you move.

Sorry to have hijacked your thread, was mainly to add thanks for the map ( and concept, loving large battles )

No worries, did you make use of the setup instructions I wrote?

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One of the things I like about large battles is that moving to contact involves actually moving a non trivial distance and you have choice in where you move.

Absolutely agree.

No worries, did you make use of the setup instructions I wrote?

Oh yes, well figured out, thanks. Choosing the 12000 points was days of fun ( to a micromanager like me ). It already seems too little :D

I reckon by the time we're done with this, V2.0 will be out and we'll be good to go for a 20k.

It's all good.

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Great news. The Churchills (even the Uber one :D) have weaknesses and have been cut down a bit by the StuGs. Nice to see the assault guns shine a bit. They are often the unappreciated workhorses.

With the weather hampering your attempts to smoke the bridge for the assault, your Plan B with the HE might be the only choice. At least the enemy will be keeping their collective heads down as the bridge rush takes place. [Takes deep breath and holds...]


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At the rate that Churchill was going, it'd soon have rated its own movie.

"Its appetite is voracious. It slaughters its enemies without hesitation or pity. It is implacable. Unstoppable. Unkillable. It is the Fuhrer himself's worst nightmare. It is (dun dun dun!!!!) Die Uber Churchill!"

Thanks, made me laugh.

I updated the video and added the last few hits that finally ended the uber Churchill. New video here:


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Just to mention Ian I'm close to completing a 2k x 3k CMFI map. How many points do you reckon you can squeeze onto that ? :)

Excellent! It seems that FI is more efficient with graphics resource use so I bet we can go even bigger. We would have to experiment but I would start by trying 30 000 and see how that goes.

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It is go time for crossing the bridge.


Well that was easy. Overwhelming force does work. I had a platoon of infantry and three Panthers lead the rush across the bridge. All they met was on Staghound. I talked with Stephen (aka Dungeon Tiger) over coffee and his Staghound never even saw any of my units crossing the bridge. Everyone crossed safely and began to fan out to create a bridge head in the orchard and trees along the bank.


The last 20mm recon half track gets destroyed this turn.


The Stuart tanks across the tracks from 5 Company continue to be lucky. Being well placed in the trees helps to create luck. This is the tank that destroyed my last 20mm recon half track moments before.


2 Battery looses another Stug – this time to the soft ground. Here is the Stug that bogged last turn. Rats.


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5 Company is now setting up a defense of the orchard.


The second wave set to cross the bridge. This includes an additional platoon of infantry and the Stugs.


3 Battery moving forward to take the ground the Churchill formerly covered.


Getting into position in the woods near the town.


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Did DungeonTiger clue you in as to when you actually hurt the thing before the crew bailed?

He did. He said that the first penetrating hit killed the driver and soon after that they became shaken. Which makes sense sine they stopped firing after a that. The ended the turn in pretty bad shape morale wize.

As for the other, losing the 250/9 sucks, but I'll take a successful bridge crossing in trade any day!


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Another fairly quiet turn. 5 Company in the orchard had the most excitement, lost a Stug, killed a Stuart.

Nailed a Churchill...


But it was unaffected and returned fire killing a Stug.


At least the lucky Stuart the was pestering me finally was eliminated.


The bridge crossing continued unopposed. With the second wave making it most of the way across this turn.


The first wave taking up positions for the bridge head.


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Since 1 and 2 Company are waiting for their armour support and eventual artillery support before assaulting the town the only orders I issued this turn were for 3 Battery on my right flank and 3 Company along with elements of 1 Battery that are crossing the bridge.

3 Battery is doing two things right now. One clearing the right flank and making sure there are no more Churchills coming and setting up to cover my Osterhaus the FO as he gets into position to call fire on the town.


The bridge head expansion complete with 3 Platoon's orders to cross leaving one Stug a squad of infantry and the battalion HQ to occupy the town.


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On the other side of the river my men spot and destroy a Stuart and take out a few crew members from previously destroyed vehicles.



More soldiers race across the bridge.


Meanwhile 5 Company in the orchard takes fire from the Churchill tanks across the valley. Nothing serious but the Stug that was hit does not spot its attacker. Given that 5 Company is there to protect the flank at the moment it is time to hide a bit more in the Orchard.


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3 Battery finds that there are more Churchill tanks near by. They are currently quite far away and stationary but that might not last long. 3 Battery will begin to work on flanking those Churchill tanks.


Moving into position above the town.


My immobilized Stug gets taken out by an Achilles on the ridge line opposite the town. After the crew bails there is a large secondary explosion. Thankfully members of 1 Company are far enough away that no one is hurt.


The Panther's finally connect with the Uber Churchill but still do not destroy it.


Here is an overview of the current situation. My current goal is to get an assault on the town objective rolling. 3 Battery (bottom of the screen and my right flank) will protect the FO who will bring some pain to the town's current occupiers while keeping those newly discovered Churchill tanks busy. 1 and 2 Company will be ready to pounce on the town once the barrage ends. My assault is predicated on getting the artillery falling which will take some time. 5 Company and their supporting Stugs will hold the left flank. Later I will use them to push towards the rail crossing but being able to do that is predicated on the rest of the plan going well. Mean while 3 Company with the Panthers will push a bit on the other side of the bridge. Hopefully that will be enough of a distraction to allow me to get the artillery falling on the town.


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Moving forward to engage those Churchill tanks. In this view you can see contact icons where the Churchill tanks are.


5 Company and its support are going to back off a bit so the Churchills across the valley cannot pick them off one by one. With the exception of the Stug on the far left that I think can safely get a shot on a couple of Stuarts.


The rest of 3 Company is ordered to head across the bridge.


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