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Axis Side - 20 000 point Quick Battle DAR

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I am certainly still watching, rooting for your balanced combined arms force over the armour-almost-only force of DT... :)

Thanks. I am pleased, so far, with my infantry in the town and their ability to threaten tanks. I have shown how they can get slaughtered too.

Also, keep in mind this game is being played with version 1.1 so none of the cool new tricks that infantry can do in urban combat apply here.

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Indeed. Well it was only the last 10-15 min that my infantry have had a decent crack at him. I think I am making him suffer now. He has lost 5 tanks and TDs to close infantry attack in the last while. With the changes in the game with 2.1 tanks will fare even worse against infantry in close contact.

What I am amazed at is how good the Churchill tanks have been. They are super tough. I like having them on my side in other games. I picked a Stug heavy armoured force because of how tough they have been against me in the past but those Churchill tanks are beasts. He also has set all his crews to veteran with high motivation which makes a difference too.

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Sorry about that. All fixed. My web site provider had a hardware failure and have been moving several sits to a new server. During that process they warned that things might not work properly all the time. In this case it seems that the files were not copied over correctly. I uploaded them again.

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Scratch another Panther. It went head to head with the Achilles and lost. The Achilles got the first shot off – but it hit a tree but the Panther gunner did not use his time wisely and failed to return fire. The second shot from the TD destroyed the Panther. The TD crew did all this while under fire from an infantry team and the Panther’s MG.


Fortunately a Shrek team got into position a short time later and scored a direct hit on the turret. That resulted in no effect at all. Those things are supposed to be easy to kill!


Elsewhere was fairly quiet. The Achilles near the farm blew up a truck and the Shrek team there fired two rounds at it that both missed.

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While the Achilles near the town is distracted I will try to close with some infantry. They have a Faust so I hope that if the Shrek team fails they can get the job done.


The infantry in the town move forward. We are very close to owning the whole objective.


Trying again to get the AT gun in position.


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This was defiantly a good news bad news turn. The good news is the Achilles that took out my Panther last turn has been dealt with. Nice second shot by the Shrek team.


The bad news is the uber tank crew that bailed out shot up half an infantry squad and sent them running. Oh man that was hard to watch. Don’t forget we are playing this game with version 1.1 so this kind of thing happens in that version. Plus my opponent made all his tank crews Veteran with High motivation while my troops were purchased on typical. I am not 100% sure what this squad was but nothing special I am sure. Still disappointing. Worse yet the only other team nearby is the Shrek team – and I really don’t want them to engage that tank crew.


Over by the orchard my opponent is probing forward. This Churchill tank drove over the rail embankment backwards. I really wish I could take advantage of that mistake but my Stug is too far away so I am not risking it. And the two Stuh’s and 75mm HT are also too far away – not that they would do much.


Part of the probing forward was a scout team. They were sent packing back to their lines.


Over near the farm more bad news: my forward infantry team that I though was hidden from the Achilles was not. One round and I lost the whole four man team.


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The overview is that it looks like a major enemy move is happening to flank around the town. I am not overly concerned about that because all my major assets are in the town now so he cannot catch me moving behind my front lines. Plus I do still have a Stug on the ridge above town so if he attacks the town from that side he will have his back to that Stug.


My infantry are now clearing the remaining buildings that are part of the objective. Once the buildings have been cleared they will own the town. The only thing left to do after that is wait and see what happens.


The only other orders were to pull back a bit at the farm to stay out of sight of that Achilles and move the truck that delivered the AT gun out of the way on the back side of the orchard.

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Sorry to bring this back from the dead years after the fact, but I was hoping to do a QB in CMRT with Regiments. The point limit for CMRT seems to be less than in CMBS, or at least I can't stretch out the points the way I'd like to.


I don't want to fuss around with the editor, coordinate AI plans or anything like that. Is there an easy way to play on the existing maps with existing objectives and plans, but with bigger formations?

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On 7/6/2018 at 12:44 PM, DougPhresh said:

I don't want to fuss around with the editor, coordinate AI plans or anything like that. Is there an easy way to play on the existing maps with existing objectives and plans, but with bigger formations?

Against a human opponent, yes just follow the instructions at the beginning of this thread.

By yourself no, not unless you can get someone else to choose forces and assign them to AI groups - assuming that you are using a QB map that already has plans.

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8 hours ago, DougPhresh said:

Is there a file that sets the points for QB's? CMBS has many many more points than RT, could I just change the point limit for Huge to 20k?

Nope. The points difference is just a representation of the increased combat power of modern gear. The larger point allowances are so we can still have a reasonable number of men on the battlefield.

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