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Axis Side - 20 000 point Quick Battle DAR

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My wondering Gunner makes it to World’s End – but there is no pub.


So, he decides to head back. I told my opponent about his idiocy and asked him to kill him. He came under fire as he approached the bridge. We will see if he makes it.


That stupid gun team is still wondering off. I guess he is planning to meet his buddy at the pub at the end of the world. That will take a long time for one guy pushing a 75mm AT gun. I am going to try to cancel move orders next time wait for a turn and then try to get him to come back. I am so glad this is fixed in the newer version (we are still playing this with 1.1 BTW – that is how long this has been going:-)


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Horror of horrors! The Churchill backed up right past where my teams were supposed to assault it from behind. I watched expecting the worst but instead the tank fired on them while they were still in the building and they did *not* jump out into the road to get gunned down. My soldiers did the right thing and they only lost one to the MG of the tank as it backed away out of site.


Here it is disappearing around the corner. Note the enemy scout running forward. Somehow he managed to avoid getting hit and disappeared into the low building across the street.


Members of 5 Company on their way to help take the town.


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Here you can see members of 2 and 3 company moving into positions further into town. With the elimination of the Stuart and one Churchill tank and the beating back of another Churchill and the Achilles my men will begin to move house to house to find other targets for the supporting Panthers to engage. I should get eyes on any attempt to engage the Panthers long before they are in danger. My men will be looking to eliminate any enemy scouts and find the enemy tanks. If I can blind my enemy and get eyes on his tanks I may have a chance to start evening the score.


I am pretty sure that Churchill tank in the field is immobilized. The goal here is to ignore it if that is the case. My platoon HQ is moving forward to get command of some shaken men so they can get back to safety.


Problems Update:

Well I should have called off the hit on this idiot since he was heading back. One of the Churchill tanks that pinned 5 co in the orchard takes out my wondering squad member. The last half track is on its way now.


I totally forgot to cancel the AT gun’s move order – oops.

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The mind boggles at the thought of playing a 20k point game, but it sure is entertaining to read -- thank you greatly.

I just imagine that I'd have to keep a long laundry list of groups and objectives just to remember what to attempt each turn, and to make sure I visited each group on a turn.

You two are amazing.

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I just imagine that I'd have to keep a long laundry list of groups and objectives just to remember what to attempt each turn, and to make sure I visited each group on a turn.

It does take quite a lot of time to play and doubly so since I am taking screen shots and writing it all up.

Playing is not too bad really. The battle divides up nicely into three main areas (orchard, farm, town) and four main groups of forces where there was action. And now the only real action is around the town with occasional action near the farm. So in the heat of things it was like playing four battles all in one larger context. It is a big job but if you are playing four turns in a sitting then it is not different really.

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With the Churchill tank gone I move some men into the street to provide buddy aid and perhaps recover the Shrek tube. But the tank drives right back.


The infantry I was trying to with draw from the field near the farm with are killed or surrender.


Minute 0:54 Orders

I change which Panther is going to cover the road with the Churchill coming back. One has severe track damage and the other is in perfect working order. Now that it is going to be a duel and not just infantry protection I will send the working tank.


With the squad they were trying to rescue gone the platoon HQ will with draw back towards the farm.


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The mind boggles at the thought of playing a 20k point game, but it sure is entertaining to read -- thank you greatly.

I just imagine that I'd have to keep a long laundry list of groups and objectives just to remember what to attempt each turn, and to make sure I visited each group on a turn.

You two are amazing.

I personally really enjoy large battles and this map works well with it.

I've only played a 12000 pointer on this map, but I'd be happy to do 20000 points too. The only thing is that with 12000 points, the force mix was pretty decent, adding another 8000 points would, I think, only add more armour ( which could be fun too :) ).

At the moment, I'm still waiting to hear anything from BFC on the strange "processing freeze" that's occurring in the other large battle I'm playing. I'm not sure what the points are for that one, but it would be somewhere in the 10-15 thousands I'd think. I really really hope they can find what's wrong as that battle is wonderfully absorbing.

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I am pretty sure he does not have a significant infantry force. Nothing is hiding so it is all about can I make his tanks come in close and make them pay when they do because I am running out of AFVs faster than he is. That is why I wanted to make sure I got my infantry into the town - it is their best chance to stand up to his tanks.

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That Churchill tank that came back into town wreaked havoc for the whole turn. It brought down a building and took out four more infantry.


Luckily the Panther arrived in the ding seconds of the turn and even though the Churchill got the first shot away the Panther struck true. Hopefully that will be that but I will have to wait until the next turn to see for sure.


Over near the farm my extraction of the forward teams fails. Both the Shrek team and the HQ team take casualties.


The good news is that as the turn closed one of the Platoon HQ units in town spots the Achilles. That dark blob in the window hides the TD. You can see it better from the screen shot in the orders below.


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Thanks Ian, seems like an interesting force composition. Keep up the great work!

Yeah, I am not sure why he went that way but he does like tanks. We have talked a lot about this game and he sees that not having infantry is costing him. I am not sure he would pick an "infantry force with tanks to support it" or pick a "tank force with infantry to see for it" next time but he gets that not having any is causing him problems.

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This minute is a bit of a mixed bag; one good success and one unfortunate failure. First the crew of the Churchill tank the Panther dispatched last turn do not last long against my infantry.


Then Dungeon Tiger does something very unexpected with his Achilles tank destroyer: he moves it to attack a Stug head to head. Those guys have a nasty gun but they are pretty fragile – well not this TD:


Amazing luck this guy has. The Stug gets two hits and has no effect on the TD but the Stug is dispatched.

Thankfully my set ambush over by the farm goes very well. Dungeon Tiger had a Churchill tank sitting just back from the farm buildings. I set things up so my lead infantry were not visible from the tanks position and they were backed up by a Shrek team that could see if the enemy tank moved forward. That is just what the Churchill did this turn. The tank spotted the Shrek team before they fired but just. They silenced the tank with the first shot, forced the crew to bail with the second and added one more for good measure and destroyed it (not shown). The crew comes under immediate fire from two directions.


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With the uber Achilles out of town my lead platoon goes forward to fill the vacuum. They should be in a position to make life miserable for it if it comes back and one of their Shrek teams might even get a shot at it from good cover.


I move up some infantry near the farm to make sure that tank crew is dealt with. Plus I adjust the Shrek team’s position so they can ambush any following tank but are not in the same location if there is a next time.


Problems Update:

I remembered to cancel the gun’s move order last turn. What happened was a surprise. The rest of the crew ran over to join the lone crewman who pushed the gun across the field. Now that they are all in one place I have ordered the truck to go and fetch them. Hopefully in a few turns they will be back where they are supposed to be.


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I just finished having a chat with @Dungeon Tiger. I told him about his amazing luck with the TD. He claims it is skill. Perhaps skill of the TD crew. :)

He claims to have "many platoons of tanks" in reserve. I don't believe him but there must be something guarding the rail crossing village so he probably has something more to send at me. The only tanks left that I know about are two Churchill tanks and the TD operating in the town. Plus there are several near the orchard as well. Some of them I suspect are immobilized.

It is not clear how much is coming my way but the faster I can get the town in my hands the faster I can get ready. Members of 5 Company are arriving with a Stug next turn. So that will help.

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Another Achilles appears on the main road in the town.


My infantry get close to the super tough - from behind no less. They have a panzer phaust but are still too far away to use it.


The Panther catches a glimpse of the Achilles between the tress but cannot connect with a shot. They lose sight of it right afterwards.


The remaining crew of the ambushed Churchill either are cut down or surrender.


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I have noticed that my opponent’s tanks are often – but not always – running around on their own. For example the Achilles that took out the Stug last turn and this new threat are too far apart to support each other which means I get to flank both of them without worrying about the other. On top of that he has three Churchill tanks nearby (that contact icon to the left is one of them). I think one of them might be immobilized but the other two have been moving. It would seem to me that having these two TDs backing up those Churchill tanks working together to move through the town would be much harder for me to deal with. Ah well it is my job to make my opponent pay for those kinds of mistakes. Let us see how I do.

First a platoon will move towards the new threat. I am going to put a Shrek team between the buildings and a few fire times in the craters and in the building on the corner. That way if it goes down the road on my right – to follow the other one – it will drive past a Shrek team. If it drives down the road to my left – towards my operational Panther – it will drive past several fire teams with MG42s and in grenade range. And if it stays still then a fire team with an MG42 will get above it in the building.


The TD that dispatched a Stug last turn has its ass hanging out and this fire team also has a phaust. The plan here is simple run up behind it and blow it up.


Members of 5 Company are arriving. I give them orders to dismount and move into town leaving their halftracks in the trees. The Stug will also head around the trees and be ready in case that TD comes this way.


My troublesome AT gun gets picked up and taken back where it was supposed to be…


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Things do not go according to plan with the uber TD. The crew must have been nervous that someone was behind them. It moves away and my infantry never get close enough to do anything other than bounce a few bullets off its side.


And things get even worse. The Stug that was supposed to cut it off never even sees the TD and ends up a burning wreck.


The other TD goes left and meets a hail of grenades.


My infantry get hit after hit. At first things look good…


But it does not die and its gun begins to turn…


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Just about when my guys are looking down the barrel one grenade finds home and the crew bails. They find themselves in the middle of a hail of bullets.


With the Stug dispatched and the fire team I sent after them flagging behind the uber TD take out a half track. Thankfully, the squad that was inside was already off and running.


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