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Axis Side - 20 000 point Quick Battle DAR

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I was going to stop reporting and posting pictures for the parts of the battle that are slowing down, like the orchard, the village and the farm. But then Dungeon Tiger decided not to cooperate. The farm suddenly was active but not in the way I expected – he withdrew his Churchill tanks.


The Stug cannot quite see the Churchill through the trees but you can bet that Stug is going to move forward and attack those Churchill tanks as the travel down the road. Things could get interesting.


Plus, they seem to be following along a path that will put them right behind my redeploying Panthers. Humm I’ll have to think about that. It seems like my opponent is also focusing on the main town. I don’t think that is very good for me frankly I don’t need more tanks to deal with.

Back in the Town the Stug that was trying to get away from the Churchill failed to find cover.


The squad flanking the Churchill tank’s position have it in view but are still too far away to do anything.


Interestingly the Achilles that was trailing it moved away towards the woods and the Stuart that was leading it drive itself into a corner out of site. I wondered what was going on with that and an offline conversation with Dungeon Tiger reviled that he was trying to get it between buildings to get behind my Panther but it would not fit and the path finding algorithm did odd things.


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The Panther showed mercy on a lone enemy tank crew member in the ruins ahead. Not really it turns out not just the main gun but all MGs are inoperative on this guy – oops I did not read the mechanical status well enough.


Meanwhile my flank protection force found some resistance in the outskirts of town and quickly dispatched or routed them. My men should make entry into those buildings next turn.


On the far right of that platoon the overwatch team noticed a Churchill tank under the barrage area. It seems unharmed but did not move for most of the turn. They will need to keep an eye on that guy.


I should mention that my problems mentioned in the last turn have not changed any. Well both the gun and the load MG gunner are further away from where they should be.

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Here are the orders to threaten that Churchill tank a Faust equipped squad will move on the left and a Shrek team will poke their heads around the corner.


The Panthers heading for town. After I sent this turn I realized that there is a chance the Churchill tanks withdrawing from the farm will be following this same route to town. I will be assessing that after next turn. One of these tanks has an operational main gun but tracks that are causing it to be very slow moving. I might get more mileage out of it if I setup and ambush with that Panther instead.


At the farm I am moving two Stugs and a Shrek team to attack those Churchill tanks from the side. One Stug will go right to a position that they must pass to escape the kill zone of the Shrek team and the other Stug. To add to the chaos I hope to cause the mortar team will drop some rounds onto the road.


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Interesting - coming from another thread I was arguing that Weapons Control damage prevents ALL weapons firing even MG's. Could you please confirm whether the MG's are red or just the Weapons Controls.

I ask because one doesn't often get the state to test with.

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Interesting - coming from another thread I was arguing that Weapons Control damage prevents ALL weapons firing even MG's. Could you please confirm whether the MG's are red or just the Weapons Controls.

I ask because one doesn't often get the state to test with.

Indeed - next turn I will have a look.

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Interesting - coming from another thread I was arguing that Weapons Control damage prevents ALL weapons firing even MG's. Could you please confirm whether the MG's are red or just the Weapons Controls.

I ask because one doesn't often get the state to test with.

Baneman, I have had the main weapon knocked out and still used the tank as a mobile mg platform before.

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Baneman, I have had the main weapon knocked out and still used the tank as a mobile mg platform before.

Oh yes, me too.

But I think that when the Weapon Control is destroyed, nothing works. At least that's how I remember the one or two occasions when it's happened to my tanks.

But Ian said he'll check, so it'll be useful to confirm either way.

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Oh yes, me too.

But I think that when the Weapon Control is destroyed, nothing works. At least that's how I remember the one or two occasions when it's happened to my tanks.

But Ian said he'll check, so it'll be useful to confirm either way.

It would be a strange name for a hit that jammed the turret and disabled the ball mount MG at the same time. It's not like the hull MG has servos or anything to help point it; the radio operator is the control system for that weapon (similarly, the commander or loader for roof mounted MGs). I can see the coax going out if the weapon control is damaged, though.

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Oh yes, me too.

But I think that when the Weapon Control is destroyed, nothing works. At least that's how I remember the one or two occasions when it's happened to my tanks.

But Ian said he'll check, so it'll be useful to confirm either way.

Quite correct. Weapons controls are destroyed you are totally SOL.

Screen shot from the turn I am writing up now...


For some reason the red letters have been blurred more than the others by the jpg compression. The first line says the main gun is destroyed and the second one says the weapons controls are destroyed. As you can see both MGs are green but the tank is unable to target anything. And I can say that this Panther has spotted infantry in the town and not fired on them at all.

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The attack on the fleeing Churchill tanks did not go very well. At least I did not lose anything but the mortar rounds did not hit home or slow them down and each Stug did get one hit both were rear turret and resulted in no effect at all. Rats.


One Churchill tank did return fire but missed short. All the other shots fired were misses and the Shrek team never got a round off.


This was the last shot and found home but bounced off the rear turret for no effect on the fleeing Churchill tank.


The Panthers and their infantry heading towards town.


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The squad I sent hunting for the Churchill tank instead run into the Achilles I lost track of last turn. Panzer Faust right in the kisser. But – no effect. The Achilles keeps on coming and then survives two hits from grenades. How is this possible!? It is an open topped paper thin tank destroyer. Man I am in need of some luck.


The nearby Shrek team get the job done though. Now it is a burning hulk like it should be.


My infantry are clearing the town buildings one tank crew at a time. No uber pistols here – but I was worried.


The 150mm barrage has moved to the furthest edge of town giving my infantry room to take more of the town and hopefully causing trouble for some of Dungeon Tiger’s forces.

The situation around the farm is now quite interesting and a bit ironic. I am sending my Panthers as reinforcements and it seems that Dungeon Tiger is sending his Churchill tanks as reinforcements as well. Interesting – I thought he had a lot of those tanks left. They are following my Panthers. I think I should be setting up an ambush for his Churchill tanks.


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At the farm my infantry are moving building to building now with more freedom because the Churchill tanks are gone (not shown). The Stugs and Shrek team will chase after the Churchill tanks and see if they can get lucky.


The Panthers have changed orders and are not finding cover in the treeline at the top of the screen below. I will leave a scout team next to the road so I know when they are coming but the Panthers are going to hide perpendicular to the road under the cover of that line of trees and wait for the Churchill tanks.


Meanwhile in the town my infantry are going building to building looking for scouts and tank crews. At the same time I have several Shrek teams ready to pounce on any tanks they find. There still is an unaccounted for Stuart tank that cornered itself last turn. I have a squad sneaking around looking for it.


My flank protection platoon is almost at the town’s edge.


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Exciting turn. First the good news: My Stug got up onto the road and struck home with its first shot. Rear penetrating hit…


…that ended in a big explosion. Something rarely seen in this game associated with a Churchill tank.


The excitement is not over near the farm in front of that destroyed Churchill is another one. And off to the right coming back around in the field behind the farm is the third. You can see it here at the other tree line in the back of this picture of the Platoon HQ.


On the other side of the farm another Churchill tank approached. One of the farm Shrek team fires and comes up short.


The barrage continues at the far end of town.


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The Shrek team that fired is going to sneak away while at the same time the other teams nearby are sneaking forward.


The tow Stugs and the supporting infantry are getting into the treeline. I want some trees between them and those two Churchill tanks. I am also setting the Stugs up to get LOS both down the road and into the field. With any luck they will get the drop on both Churchill tanks.


More infantry teams moving into town. They are presently working their way to flank the Achilles just visible at the top of the screen shot.


On the edge of town, my flank protection force are working their way towards what I suspect is an immobilized Churchill tank.


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Another mad minute in the town: Unfortunately it is my infantry that come off worse this time. Because of this guy in the middle of the town:


And this guy: My infantry managed to get in some licks but basically they were the subject of a lot of MG fire.



Over one the town’s right flank a Shrek team scored a direct hit on the apparent Immobilized Churchill. As is par for the course this battle it had no effect.


On the other hand my Stug near the farm is now 2 – 0 against the flanking Churchill tanks. They brew up nicely when you get them from behind.


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Unfortunately the second Stug is not facing the rear of the third Churchill tank. He has to settle for a solid side hit…


Followed by a useless turret hit…


Followed by dying to a one shot one kill hit from the opposing Churchill tank.


Near the farm a Shrek team gets return fire while they are reloading.


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In the town the infantry work on flanking the Achilles. Squads will clear the buildings on its flank and a Shrek team will get into position between them. Meanwhile another squad had the job of distracting the TD.


Operational Panthers have arrived and will move along the safe side of town. I have to do this because the main road is blocked by a Stug and a Panther. Once they get into position they can start to plan how to best support the infantry.


The show down near the farm that started as three Churchill tanks vs. two Stugs is now one on one. It is time to hide in the trees and hope for a better opportunity.


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The Churchill tank added a little extra HE to the already dead Stug - jut for good measure.


The nearby Shrek team misses way high.


The artillery barrage on the far end of town continues. There is no sign that anything has been hit.


My disabled toothless Panther faces off against a Churchill tank and an Achilles TD. Somehow he shrugs off 14 hits between them - at close range too.


The Achilles TD is focused on the Panther but my flanking Shrek team decides not to fire. They run into the street get set and then turn around and head back to their alley. Because the loader and not the tube guy went out first there was no time for the tube guy to take aim before they executed their next order. I wish Shrek teams were consistent with who leads and how follows. As it stands now you probably should give them a 5s pause order in their shooting location. Next time…


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Meanwhile the supporting infantry clearing buildings gets a bead on the Achilles and opens up from above. The do not hit any crew but the crew does stop firing at the Panther towards the end of the turn.


My first supporting Panther takes a few hits from a Churchill tank that the Panther crew never spot. The enemy tank is partially obscured by that burning Churchill tank.


The team sneaking up on the Stuart are spotted – and die.


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This turn I setup five attacks on tanks. Three by infantry and two by AFVs. The Shrek team that decided not to fire last turn will try again. Same movement orders but with 5s pause this time (not shown). At the same time the squad in the building will continue to fire on the TD – to keep it distracted.


The Stuart will get assaulted by two teams from two directions. No more sneaking around this will be at a run. Between them these two teams have 14 grenades.


Another Shrek team will step out into the road on the flank of the Churchill and then run for cover. Hopefully the crew will be occupied trying to take out that Panther and my Shrek team can go to work.


Not shown here are the Panther in the town which did not spot the Churchill tank that was firing at it. I did not move and did not give orders either. I think they will notice the enemy tank and react.

Also not shown the Stug by the farm noticed that the Churchill tank in the field was driving forward trying to get closer to the infantry. I ordered it to rush down the road and then turn into the trees. If the Churchill keeps moving the Stug will get a rear shot. If it stops it will get a side shot. I think I can get down the road covered by the trees and get the first shot.

This coming turn will be interesting - 5 separate assaults on tanks under way.

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Another mad minute with lots going on. The Stug vs Churchill duel near the farm went as planned. And turned out much like the rest of this game. The Stug got the drop on the Churchill tank and got the first shot. Hit on the side, no effect. The Stug got a second shot. Hit wheels, nice big explosion (see below). The Churchill returned fire, hit a tree. The Stug got a third shot. Hit, not effect…


… Second shot from the Churchill destroys the Stug. I really hope that the enemy tank is immobilized.


Things went much better for my infantry assaulting the Stuart. The team attacking from the rear gets there first and puts grenades on target forcing the crew to bail.


The crew are then gunned down as they try to escape. In all the mayhem one of my men is a casualty and one of the crew gets away. I’ll take it.


That Churchill tank blasting away at the Panther also is hit by infantry. The Shrek team scores a turret penetration.


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But their luck runs out pretty fast. They take two steps towards safety and both get taken out by a single MG burst from the Churchill.


I did not take any screen shots of the Achilles TD. It got away. It backed up from the fire from the second story and when the Shrek team was in position it was already gone. The Shrek team proceeded to scurry back to safety. I missed my chance the first time.

Meanwhile the Panther that did not spot the enemy tank does so after being hit again by an enemy shell. They waste no time scoring a direct hit. Nice.


So a pretty middle of the road outcome: Five enemy tanks under attack, two are destroyed, one got away clean, one was hit in the wheels and one hit in the turret. I lost a Shrek team a Stug and another soldier. I guess I came out ahead but not decisively.

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