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Shall try to start an unofficial screenshots thread?

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tank  in french color but American-made it's tough !!!

With much talk centering on CMFI and the upcoming (hopefully soon) release, I played out a scenario that had some great action.  I thought I would share it.   It is December 6, 1943, 2:

Posted Images

Here's some more from two scenarios I've played in the last week.

Assaulting Lemon Hill!



My platoon HQ scores a kill.


Sorry for how dark these ones are, combat at dawn :P



My squad was moving up the trench clearing it out, when the infantry inside of thise bunker decided to spill out in tothe trench, causing this very close encounter. The airbourne cut them down thankfully.


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I have been playing the game for a few days and I'm quite amazed, few screens from my latest battle:

Axis tanks disabled by one of my Shermans


A Knocked out Semovente with 3 disabled antitank gun in the back ground


Battle went well until I had to clean the city, trying to flank an antitank gun this Sherman was destroyed at short range by another gun I had not spotted:


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Yeah, Shermans are mostly ahead of the curve in armour tactical effectiveness at this point in the war in the Med.

Yes, one of my Sherman destroyed almost all the axis armor alone in this scenario, but it was a combination of luck (all axis armor rushed at the same place) and a good firing position (I like to think that :D)

I love that scenario.

Me too but I found it quite difficult for the noob I am (CMFI is my first real strategy game) I'm starting to use my tanks not so bad but I have trouble with efficient use of infantry, so cleaning Corleone was quite difficult and it ended with 2 Shermans destroyed at very short range in the narrow streets and huge losses for the infantry.

At the end of the scenario 4 out of 5 Shermans were burning, the town was far from secured and a hidden Pak was pounding my troops in the Church...

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Played it HtoH as the Italians and won, It is one of them victories I will not forget for a long time. Just think about taking them Shermans on, you feel like they are Tigers in some ways.

Trick. The 75's can make swiss cheese out of them quick. Just make sure the enemy does not locate your 75's till their tanks expose themselves. Second, use Italian armor for flank attacks once the allied armor moves forward to support the clearing of the city.

So in otherwords be patient with your main assets. Ambush american infantry, pull back, ambush again . keep doing hopefully making the Americans decide to use combined Arms. Most of my main units were in keyholed positions waiting for likely enemy armor approach locations.

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