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Shall try to start an unofficial screenshots thread?

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I know Aris doesn't want to be employed as a texture guy judging by earlier posts but Battlefront should just kidnap him one night and chain him to a computer with Photoshop. :) Mmm maybe that's why we haven't heard anything from the Dev's for these last few months, they've been planning this very thing.

Keep up the good work Aris/Fuser!

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Hi long time forum creeper decided to finally contribute with some screenies :)

One man got hit while the team tried to recon over the hillside, after moving them back I had to wait for more support before moving the team back up,

which lead to this awkward moment where my men were watching this poor soul bleed to death without being able to do anything about it.


Surprise mortar attack stops my assault.


One lucky survivor.


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