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Shall try to start an unofficial screenshots thread?

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tank  in french color but American-made it's tough !!!

With much talk centering on CMFI and the upcoming (hopefully soon) release, I played out a scenario that had some great action.  I thought I would share it.   It is December 6, 1943, 2:

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22 hours ago, user1000 said:

Why do you assume it would damage an m10?

It's a 37mm rapid fire anti material gun. What are you talking about? The shell is wider in diameter than the M10s armor is in depth I am certain. So if the mobelwagon engaged it, I would imagine, the m10 would get unconditionally ****ed

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21 hours ago, Artkin said:

It's a 37mm rapid fire anti material gun. What are you talking about?

.. believe it or not the velocity was lower than the 37mm on the stuart tank and who knows for rounds could be HE. Against aircraft very deadly. Against tanks....🥴

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6 minutes ago, Warts 'n' all said:

The name is "Stuart" or "Stinkpot" never "stuart".. My granddad didn't defeat Mad Addy for me to have to endure life in the Dictatorship of the Semi-literate.

you can take all that and happily **** a hard brick....

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8 hours ago, Erwin said:

The sounds are very sharp and "immediate".  Like them.  You releasing a mod?

As a side project, I'm slowly but surely compiling  'All in One' Modpacks for games without them.

I suspect it's easier for most people esp. the Steam Players (when it's CMFI's turn).

I know @Ithikial_AU's 'All in One' for CMBN has been quite popular.


As for the sounds, that's the ME soundscape from H&E/CMSF2 which I had assumed was finished... but it turns out still needs a few tweaks here & there for WW2.

Oh, I'll politely point out that the footsteps are perfectly audible too 😇!

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