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Shall try to start an unofficial screenshots thread?

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tank  in french color but American-made it's tough !!!

With much talk centering on CMFI and the upcoming (hopefully soon) release, I played out a scenario that had some great action.  I thought I would share it.   It is December 6, 1943, 2:

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Heinrich505 wrote:


Had to laugh.  Not sure who was imitating whom. 

Baneman, maybe a Newfie, eh?"

EDIT: I had the good fortune of spending two weeks on "The Rock" (no, not Alcatraz, though I've been there too - as a tourist, in case anyone was wondering. That's what the locals lovingly call "Newfoundland").

There is not a more hospitable people to be found on God's Green Earth. (And I don't even believe in Him). But the "newfie dialect" is closer to Irish than either Canadian/American or The Queen's English. (Long May She Rule).

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Back to Sicily!

Is it just me, but I’m in love with this theatre. Just can't stop playing CMFI demo instead other scenarios waiting for me.

Vineyards, olives, sunshine does not make great war sim interesting. It’s this terrains, particularly hills, that are making huge tactical impact, for both the advancing and defending forces. It opens more tactical, even strategic, challenges than any other CMx2 theatre. Those massive armour clash on flat terrains in Red Thunder are just "overkill" for me and what iMac can handle.


Newcomer road to Vallebruca


Instead of the road, going uphill provided me nice control of the battle area. Infantry is advancing trough forest.



Defenders are trying hard but battle is already lost.



Unfortunately, someone must make sacrifices and fast run over open terrain. They succeeded securing the right flank.



With the cover from the uphill, other M5 is pushing trough the middle protected from the AT guns.



Result - Vallebruca secured.



More ammo is coming why M3 is covering any possible surprises.



Winners — take pictures.



There are still defender pockets, but I'm the King of the Hill - GAME OVER! (yeah, yeah, I know, but scenery is  beautiful :) )


Unedited screenshoots made with the War movie ADVANCED mode CMFI: 



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FXShine v2.03 for CMFI  Alt-M

@Bradley If You use ARIS mods can You please check are there duplicate Aris HD clouds. If they are, leave only ones from the FXShine shaders folder, because I modified them for better blending with sky gradient (hopefully one day Aris will have time to do this properly :)) And do You have ATI or nvidia card?

Thanks for trying this. 

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