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Shall try to start an unofficial screenshots thread?

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With much talk centering on CMFI and the upcoming (hopefully soon) release, I played out a scenario that had some great action.  I thought I would share it.   It is December 6, 1943, 2:

tank  in french color but American-made it's tough !!!

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Armor fighting down a snow covered road to provide support to infantry attacking a town up ahead.






Incredible screens MOS, I feel like if that was black and white I wouldn't be able to tell if it was in game or an actual photo!


Edit: Especially the first one!

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Thank you - it was a strange situation in which a entire squad got caught in a hellish barrage and then everything went quiet and this is what I saw. It felt so real. So true. I love these immersive moments.

Agreed, I love them too. I know there is always room for improvement, but I am amazed at just how good the game is already.

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The enemy halftrack burns for only a moment before a tremendous explosion erupts.  The ammo has cooked off.  Schlaffer's men escape injury but they are way too close for comfort. 


Schlaffer realizes that killing the driver was merciful after all.  The man would have been burned alive from the explosion.  It doesn't make him feel much better though.


As the flames rip across the dry ground he is looking for cover for his squad. 





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Thanks guys.  Glad y'all like them.  The explosion one was a good catch, especially the flames rippling out from the front on the ground.  Took a little while to get it just right.


Same battle.  Bazooka snap shot failed - no second chances in this game.  Münchbach's crew is living a charmed life so far.





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Sergeant Egert is thinking about the last thing Captain Duckworth told him before the battle.  Duckworth told him to use his judgement to find a spot where he’d be most useful.  No specifics, no left flank or right flank…find a spot where he’d be most useful.


Amazing, he thinks.  My judgement is that trusted…


So, he started out on the left flank with some T30 gun howitzers from his platoon, but realized that this was overkill.  He ordered his driver, “the Kid” to drive to the northeast near one of the hardpoints the Paras were reconnoitering. 

He found the spot he wanted and ordered the Kid to stop.  The gun carriage was now located on a reverse slope, facing north, where two roads swept in at 90 degrees behind the forward slope of a hill to his front.  Lt. Klansek was just to his left, and would provide a little protection if the Krauts decided to sweep over the hill.




Why he ended up here he really didn’t know.  It was a bad feeling, and he had learned to trust that feeling from North Africa.  He just somehow knew the enemy was coming, either in the divide to his left or directly from the front. 

Egert just pointed to the front and his gunner Blaine knew what he wanted.  The rest of the crew was fairly new, but Blaine had been with him for a while.  Blaine knew the Krauts were coming now; he just knew.  The Sarge had a feeling for things like that.


The other crew members sat quiet, nervous, and trying not to be.  This gun carriage might as well be protected with tin foil.  You never knew when some German Tiger was going to appear and ruin a perfectly good day.


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“There,” says Sgt. Egert.  He is quiet, deliberate, calm.  Inside he is turmoil several times over, knowing he might get his crew killed any second, but outside, no one would suspect.  He has been peering through his binoculars, and he spots the German halftrack.  It has a gun on it, a short-barreled one, but one that can kill them.  Their 75mm cannon is huge compared to the enemy 75mm short gun, but dead is dead, and Egert’s got to be quick.


Blaine sees the enemy moments later.  Damn, he thinks to himself, “How does Sarge do it? “  They are in just the right place.  He can just barely make out the enemy vehicle, moving quickly along the upper bank beside a road. 

Smart, yeah, too smart, he thinks.  The enemy would not be able to see us if they were on the road.  He spins the wheels moving the gun to a target solution.  The Sarge calls out range at around 220 meters.



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Egert gives Blaine the command “fire when you have him.” 


Blaine trips the gun trigger moments later and the shell roars from the breech.  The gun barrel recoils past him viciously.  An explosion is seen.


Egert calls out “Short left.”  It is quiet, matter-of-fact, like he is ordering sandwiches at the deli. 


“Dammit,” Blaine exclaims.  “Didn’t lead enough,” he whispers to himself.  No one can hear that over the idling engine.

No recrimination from Egert – he is solely focused on the enemy vehicle.




Mikey has already rammed home the next shell.  He is wondering if their time is up.  He’s heard Egert and Blaine talking about how important the first shot is, and how even more important the first hit is. 


They’ve missed…do they get a second chance?  He is leaning over to retrieve the next shell regardless.  His training is kicking in.

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The enemy halftrack keeps on coming.  They are moving fast.  Egert knows their time is running out, but he also knows the real danger is when the enemy stops to get a better shot. 


He has the advantage, because their halftrack is not moving.





Egert sees the flash of the German gun and then hears the Kid scream out, “Holy Crap, they’re shooting at us.”  


He’s from Nebraska so he doesn’t really curse.  He grew up behind the wheel of a farm tractor and that’s how he ended up as the driver of a halftrack.  The Army is so wise…


In his vantage seat front left behind the steering wheel, the Kid has a front row seat for death as it rolls towards him.  He can do nothing but watch.  He can’t even fire back.  He grips the wheel tightly and gets ready for any command to move, expecting – more like hoping – it will be a command to hit it fast in reverse.


Egert and Blaine don’t even flinch as the enemy 75mm shell whistles overhead.  Egert keeps watch and says nothing.  Blaine knows this means his sergeant is waiting for him to fire, and expecting him to be on target this time.  Nothing like pressure, thinks Blaine.  We live or die on my skill.

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“Kee-rist, do some…”


The Kid’s exclamation is cut short as Blaine gives him a short kick to the back of his helmet.




“Shaddup,” is all Blaine says as he lays the gun to the right and then everything is drowned out as the gun roars and rocks the whole gun carriage.






“Good one,” exclaims the sergeant. 

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A giant gout of flame roars up from the stricken enemy halftrack. 


How did he know? wonders Blaine, as he was certain the Sarge complimented his shot before the hit.






The Kid is cheering like a high school student at a Friday night football game.  He’s forgotten all about the boot to the head he just got. 


So is loader Mikey and Stevens, the assistant gunner.


“Quiet,” calls the sergeant.  “Load.  More trouble on the way.”


The crew is admonished to silence by their sergeant.  They go about their tasks fast, embarrassed that their lack of discipline might cost them their lives.  No one wants to make the Sarge angry at them.

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