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Purchase? Asymmetrical Warfare and Human Opponents

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Hey there,

I've been considering a purchase of ShockForce but I'd like a little info from some players.

I'm only really interested in truly asymmetrical modern warfare.

Small scale insurgent hit, run, delay tactics. IEDs, ambushing etc in largely urban environments.

I've got no interest in hypothetical large scale conflicts or 'what if' invasions.

I'm also only interested in Human-V-Human Wego play.

I have absolutely no interest in playing scripted AI scenarios.

Is there plenty scope and options for this type of play and a solid enough community of opponents interested in the same to have a regular game going?

Cheers in advance for any info.

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CMSF with the modules is a truly excellent and polished experience.

If you join one of the wargaming clubs you should have no difficulty in finding opponents for pbem games. Finding real time opponents is however not that easy as most players seem to prefer pbem.

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If your sole interest is in insurgency operations then your best bet will probably be CMSF with the Marines module, as those are the most likely to have plentiful Iraq/Afghanistan based counter-insurgency scenarios for. The stock scenarios also include some battles of that type but it's by far not the focus of the game.

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