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Noltyboy - Intel graphics have 'fuzzy text' as a permanent bug. There are no AA routines (that are at least user controllable) to disable to change this. It's just an OpenGL bug with the Intel drivers that's been around since CMBN's release.

In fact it is somewhat surprising you can run the game without problems. A lot of the Intel chips we tried (near CMBN's release) would NOT run CMBN properly and we mention it in our Knowledgebase article on CMBN and Intel graphics. Generally it only worked OCCASIONALLY with some of the newer chipsets and even those seemed to have graphic problems every-so-often.

If you're running a desktop, you may want to upgrade to a full video card. If you're running a laptop, then you may be stuck with this issue, unless you have a 'dual GPU' setup where there is an Intel integrated video and a dedicated GPU. In that case you have to force the game to use the 'dedicated GPU'.

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