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CM/PzC N44 H2H Operation CM Battle Hex 11-10 Allied DAR

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My forces are forced to fight in Authie.


Ok so now I edit down the master CM oob to just the Recce platoon( No peeking at enemy!)


My setup is blue in the middle. You can see the enemy setup as well. My Exit strip is along the north edge of the map.


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My plan.

Survival if possible. Head for the exit strip as fast as possible from the nearest position to it along the best terrain for speed.

Looking at the terrain the top right seems the best option.


Blue is terrain next to the exit strip that is fast for a tank to travel through. Red is low bocage with a few gaps which would force my tanks through narrow gaps and slow them down.

Red Poor tank terrain


Blue Good tank terrain


Here are my Stuarts looking longingly at the exit strip ahead. So near yet so far...


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Minute 1

My Stuarts set off at full speed. I button them so the commanders have a better chance of survival.


After 15 seconds contacts appear on my left flank. Nothing in front so far praise the Gods.



My Stuarts are temporarily slowed by the rough ground


Back to full speed still no frontal contacts


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