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Another small bug with 37mm halftracks.

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I've rediscovered CMBN so I'm running into small bugs every now and then at an increasing pace.

I discovered that the 250/10 halftracks with 37mm guns are a bit bugged. They carry 2 gunners and a driver.

The model is depicted as such the gunner stands proud and tall above his gun, presenting a perfect target instead of, say, hunching behind his gunshield. This is not the problem per se, I understand the limited animation budget.

The problem arises from the fact that when the gunner dies, the other gunner/loader or any other soldier refuses to reman the gun even when all systems are perfectly functional.

So basically a vehicle that is already extremely limited in usefulness is gutted.

I love a wide variety of kit and one of my favourite battle types is a small scale mechanized meeting engagement where these things have their place so it would be nice to see this fixed.

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I have to say that I've not seen this. The gun shield on the 37mm is large and protects the gunner really well from small arms, IME. The time I've seen the gunner get geeked (from our old friend, plunging fire), I do believe, now you mention it, that you're correct that no one took his place. That would explain why the vehicle tried to hide (in a smoke cloud that went away) rather than getting stuck into the buildings round it.

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