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First Aid

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I'm a new player and i need to understand how first aid works: it is automatic? I have to give some "more" or other command to do it? I think it is effective just in campaign, right? It will be irrealistic to have a wounded guy stand again and keep fighting.

Please help me undestand!

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It is automatic if your guys are in the same action spot as the casualty ... and not taking fire.

Its function is primarily to retrieve useful weapons eg. the man with the MG42 in the squad is hit. You leave the rest of the squad there and they perform "buddy-aid" and pick it up again.

Casualties attended to will disappear off the battlefield and if only wounded, will not have a chance of being KIA at the end ( as I understand it ).

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...or not hiding. Or cowering.

I think they will actually do it while hiding, though I think it may depend on the quality of the troops as to how quickly they will get about it. Cowering definitely not. I have had a couple guys trying to retrieve a Pshk for a bit and everytime they receive fire they cower and then have to start all over.

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