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Translucent Trees - more please!

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Hey GaJ! I saw your request, but haven't had chance to get around to it until tonight. I added in the far trees, and I also added a more translucent version in addition to the original. You can now choose between 5% or 10% opacity close/far trees, or mix the different opacities. The close and far trees for each opacity level are their own seperate brzs. It's available for immediate download at CMMODS here: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4730/details and will be on the repository whenever it gets approved. Enjoy!

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I just had my first chance to use the new far trees - they're great too.

There's an interesting effect though: at lower camera angles the amount of translucency seems to be "just right" (using the 5%). However, at the higher camera angles (4,5) the appearance is that there's much less trees: barely visible. I'm not sure if this is a near/far thing, or a "different bmps used at different camera angles" thing, or something else completely again. I'll try putting far trees at 10% - maybe that's the right comprimise!



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