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Improved Face/Arc control

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Like many of you I am anxious to try out the new control features in CMIF with the recent additions of the adjustable waypoints, and the target briefly command. These are definitely good steps in the right direction in improving this already fine product.

I hated to see the following ideas for improving control over the units get lost in other threads that I have posted them in so I am making this thread so they be seen more easily. I think these to be practical feature request for streamlining control, and I hope they are considered for the future.

Here is the first thought - QUICK 180-DEGREE ARC CREATION:

Of all the arc controls I found this the one I most often used in CMx1in its convenience. It creates a nice wide arc with symmetric depth control quickly with one mouse click instead of two. The adjustable waypoint I show was not in CMx1, but is a cherry on top for more ultimate control. In this way an existing arc can be changed in depth and direction without having to recreate the arc to change this. Theoretically a person could go through an entire game by just making a single arc. Don’t know if that aspect is possible, but perhaps the quick 180 as in Cmx1 can be included in future feature upgrades. I do not know if even the shift key can be used with the Alt key, but that is for Battlefront to figure out. I only know what I would like to see in function.


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The next improves the player’s ability to control turret direction while the tank is moving. 99% of the time I make an arc for armor it is simply to get the turret to point to a direction without concern for depth. What I am showing here does not take away, but only adds streamlining in player control. Again, perhaps something to consider for practical reasons for future incoppration. Arcs will still be needed, but not as often.


1. Turret arrives at stopping point with it already oriented toward the enemy making it more combat ready. Tank is not as confined by an arc to threats outside the arc, while the turret is facing in a more combat ready posture toward the enemy.

2. Quicker, easier control over turret pointing, especially for real-time, while the tank is moving.

3. This only adds, and takes nothing away which gives the player more options.

4. More visually appealing when arcs are not needed.



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