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New file at the Repository: DC's 56th Independent Infantry Brigade (2012-07-06)

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The 56th Independent Infantry Brigade was assigned to right flank of 50th Division’s assault on Gold Beach on D-Day and liberated Bayeux the following day. The 56th Infantry Brigade took part during in the Normandy Campaign, including the liberation of Bayeux, the Seine, Le Havre and later fought in the Scheldt battles. 56th Infantry Brigade 2nd Bn, South Wales Borderers 2nd Bn, Gloucestershire Regt 2nd Bn, Essex Regt This mod has several different elements that should allow the player to effectively model the units provided; this includes uniform items, vehicles and game interface. It includes elements from Fuser, Mord and Juju, as well as my own work.Version 1.2: Update to fix a few uniform items and UnitSign changes (thank you to Chainsaw)


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Yes, to be precise: trying to learn how to!

Right now I'm trying to get the hang of AI plans, waiting for CMBN 2.0 with the overlay feature to do the maps. meanwhile Im doing the research for the scenarios.

By the look of it right now it will be a 6 mission campaign, thinking of splitting up Tilly-Sur-Seulles to a 2 mission mission, same with Bois de St German, then it will be a 8 scenario campaign.

"With the Pompadours through France"

Mission 1 Juane Mondaye – Butte Du Gros Orme. 10:e June

Mission 2 Essex Wood 11:e June

Mission 3 Tilly-Sur-seulles 19:e June

Mission 4 The advance on Bois de st German 8 July

Mission 5 taking on the panzers. (Boise de St German) 9 July

Mission 6 Launay Ridge 31 July

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