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Face command on the move?

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From the book:

FACE: If you do so, then the last waypoint will be automatically highlighted so the Face Command will apply to that last waypoint, not the current position.

TARGET ARC: After placing an arc, the unit will rotate its main gun turret - if available - to face the center of the designated target arc, to minimize acquisition delays

and maximize spotting abilities. Infantry units will shift their facing accordingly.

I think Target Arc is the answer while moving. Face is used when stopped. Yes, you need to adjust the arc at every waypoint. This thread reminded me of the "Star of Death" series of commands that was posted on Shock Force a few years back.

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From manual:

From this thread i've understand that vehicle will not rotate its hull until it has stoped thus while moving it should turn it's turret to that direction. Am I wrong?

You are wrong as it does not work that way now. The thread shows examples of a proposed change to the face command to allow it to direct the turret without restrictions while on the move without having to give a cover arc with the hull to follow the turret’s facing upon stopping. It does not work now as it is shown in the examples. The only way to do it presently is to create cover arcs.

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The problem I have with the face command is that it cancels the target command on the last waypoint. Also the target command cancels the face command on the starting waypoint if there is a pause command. With the new brief targeting command it would be useful if you could string a series of brief targeting commands along ,say, three waypoints, pausing 10sec at each waypoint without the hull trying to turn towards the target at each waypoint. The turning action slows down the targeting action. Right now the targeting command is tied to the face command if the tank is not moving and it would be better if it wasn't. I dont always want the hull pointed toward the target. It would be nice if two targets could be commanded at once. One for the main gun and the coaxial and one for the hull mg or say you have a tank facing a hedge row from about 100yds or so and you want to shoot up 3 likely places on the hedge row. Right now the tank will rotate its hull toward each target. This is a disadvantage because it slows up targeting and dosen't make use of what turrets were designed for. Some thing for version 3.

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