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New Air support?

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Americans get P40F Warhawk and A-36A Apache. There's also the A-20, but there's some... internal debate on whether this should be in.

Germans get Bf-109G6, Bf-109G6/U4 and FW-190A5 Jabo. No Stuka. They don't tend to last very long with lots of enemy fighters prowling about...

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The A-36 Apache was designed specifically for ground attack to Britsh specs and was fitted with dive brakes and the Allison engine, which performed poorly at high altitude. The Rolls Royce Merlin engine, which worked great a t all altitudes, and some redesign were what gave the later P-51 Mustang its sterling performance and reputation.


John Kettler

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Dunno about Stukas and Ju-88s, but yes; a couple of ships were sunk over the first day or two. But that's not really too relevant to CAS in a CM context.

The GAF and RA were swept from the skies pretty rapidly. A lot of the airfields were overrun in the first couple of days, and that coupled with the pre-invasion bombing campaign pushed the Axis air forces back to airfields around Salerno pretty soon. Also, the Allies were REALLY snappy about getting a/c operational from airfields on Sicily - the distance from Tunisia was a bit too far, and Malta/Gozo/Pantelleria could only hold so many planes.

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