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BFC can we have the fire back and tank thoughts

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My most fav battle is Born again at Prokarovka-- by fire I mean the vehical burns and the field also catches fire-as it dead a lot in that scenario- it mentioned over and over in my Normandy books- --so quite historical-- now tanks - I have been playing the same two battles over and over - just switch tanks--MK4 are truly "mess kit tins" as they were called-- the L38 or 41 of the Sherman or Churchill is hard on them -- the 75 mm over matches the 50 mm of the front turret much less the 30 mm sides - and even handles the drivers plate

The Churchie is pretty tough and will take a L-48 hit or 2 and survive- sometimes- ---shermans and MK 4 are hard each other I can not tell the differences between cast hull or not in the Shermans - have tried the Jag Panther and sometimes they matter and sometimes not so much - tried three KTs and same as JPanthers not so much at least so far- Panthers are good in the 15-20 , 30 minute games I have played over and over but have for me a tendency to turn side ways - and with Panthers that is a no no - but they do it often - can not tell why- but would like them to stop - I really feel for the MK4 guys they are in the same boat as the M4 sherman at least for a while- notice both of them are M4's -sorta ----over all //while I have not tried the cromwells the 76 Sermans and the Panthers are my fav-- love the infantry fights looking forward to all the up coming stuff all the best --keep the good stuff coming-- i have been here since CMBO and have no place else i would rather go

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