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Long time CM gamer coming back

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Hey folks,

It has been ages since I've touched CMAK and even longer since CMBO, and I've recently picked up CMBN+ within the last month. All I can say is it is great to be back. I've noticed a few differences in mechanics and features, but all mostly for the better.

I'm trying to comb through the forums to better understand the development of the game (can I say sim?) and if there are other resources I should be aware of. ie-http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/, the Repository, etc.

Anyways, good to be back.

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Welcome back! Am frankly amazed you find the CMx2 system so easy to get into. I certainly didn't and have a long way to go.

Yesterday I fired up the CW: The Mace scenario. It's striking what a vast test of cerebration CMBN presents; the varied multitude of units, the terrain, the weather, the endless possibilities and permutations. The luck factor. Can it truly be mastered?

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One "resource" that I found absolutely vital for getting into the new engine was the "alternative hotkeys" file that gets rid of the god-awful "relative" keymappings. It's in the Data folder of your CMBN install. If you're struggling with the interface, rename "hotkeys.txt" to something like "original hotkeys.txt" and rename a copy of "alternative hotkeys.txt" to "hotkeys.txt".

You can customise your keybind layout to an extent by editing the file.

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