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I'm loving this game!

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I played the old CMx1 games frequently, my father owned the anthology, but rarely played it himself and they ran well on the old laptop I had 6 years ago. After reading a large amount of negativity online about Combat Mission Battle for Normandy paired with the hefty price tag for my non-existent student's gaming budget I avoided buying it for a long time. A few weeks back I tried the demo and it really was a pleasant surprise, I found it to be a realistic and extremely challenging game. Being a WWII reenactor, I really love the little details, the correct squads, the accurate penetration values, the different versions of each tank, etc.. I know I'm really late in saying this, learning that the sequel is coming out soon, but since I bought the game three days ago I've played it for about 40 hours and I think I know what I'll be doing for much of my summer downtime. Thank you Battlefront for the great game, I'll probably be picking up Commonwealth soon, after I get the money together!

P.S. Can any of you guys recommend me a good, small scale user made campaign that could ease me into it a bit better than the stock ones? Having to deal with the large number of units has been killer.

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Just goes to show you can't believe a lot of what's written online about games...especially when the writers have an agenda. I think we can guess who was leading the charge.

Any way, welcome. You've joined up just in time we've got a huge amount of coolness coming our way!


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Ok there is a campaign that I think may be perfect for you. It is in the Repository. Go to Main Battlefront website put mouse over community then click on Repository (just in case your not familiar with this) then click on Combat mission battle for normandy - you may have to scroll down to see Combat mission battle for normandy to click on it ... then click on combat mission battle for normandy BASE GAME.

ok scroll around and at the bottom because it is so popular click on Devil's Descent. or if it is not there search repository for this name. anyway it will be there for a little while I'm sure showing up cause of its popularity.

once downloaded you simple copy the .cam file - the file name will be Devil's Descent.cam that you downloaded - and copy it to (see below) - you will need to unzip or unrar this rar file go to winrar website to get the free unrar program.

Stay with me all this is well worth it... :)

ok so when you have unzipped or unrared the file put it in the Campaigns folder of where you installed Normandy. The path will be like combat mission normandy \ game files \ campaigns

this is where you put the Descent.cam file you unzipped or unrared.

now when you start the game and click on campaign you will see your campaign choices you can play and you will see Devil's Descent. so click on it and read the designer notes to get fully immersed and then the other text.

Ok this is real important too. Create a folder in your existing DATA folder and name this new folder z .. Yes the letter Z. the path will be Combat mission normandy \ Data ( then create a folder named Z in this data folder.

Maybe you know all this already but having a z folder means it loads whats in it last which allows you when you start a campaign, battle , quick battle etc. it allows you to tweak normandy the way you like it according to what is in your z folder.

For example, you can turn off the music that blairs at you when you are setting up a quick battle or when in the game menus and when a battle finishes, you can "fix" tweak the voices the US soldiers say like you can get rid of the constant sound wave of "hey take a look at that."

You can fix the faces of the US troops you see in the game up close to where they no londer look like 13 year old virgins and you can fix the portraits on the units you see

And one of my favorites is the BACKGROUND sound change one can do no longer do you have to hear the constant "background battle sound" which to me sounds like drum beatings.

anyway so go the repository and do a search for MORD'S this persond has many fixes to get the sound fix do a search for sound or background sound. or type in the forums.

going to try and post a pic in this thread of how to search for mord's

also a pic of the search results of Mord's showing stuff to get.

The thumnial pics are tiny and distort when enlarged but anyway when you search in repository type in MORD'S don't for get the apostrophe then s.

and make sure you uncheck all the games except Normandy.



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Hey there's Mord and Vencini they posted here as I was typing all this up...

One of the best things you have done in my opinion is wait about a year or so to get into a good game like this cause thay allows a lot of patches to come out and for mod stuff to me made..

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Hey Pas ... get the Frequently asked questions for CMBN in the Repository search "FAQ" after you have deselected all the games under search options except CMNormandy

I have read some of it but am playing Normandy rather than reading all the FAQ which I should do :D

Below is ... this stackind order thing has helped a lot with the aggravation of getting my units wiped out earlier they hate me as a commander ... lol ..

this allows orders at each "waypoint" you place for example you can have them FACE a certain direction or SHOOT even it a certain direction which is really great.

CM Normandy FAQ

How can I stack orders?

In CMBN you can give much more complicated orders that in CMx1. To do this give several

movement orders, then highlight a particular waypoint by selecting it or the line connected to it.

Now you can give pause, fire, smoke, cover arc or facing orders at that waypoint. You can also use

this technique to check the LOS/LOF at that point. Select the fire command at a particular

waypoint, although LOS/LOF line will be drawn from your units starting position, the LOS/LOF

check is done at the waypoint itself.

Friendly Fire

Small arms, machine guns, grenades and grenade launchers don't cause friendly fire. Everything

else does (.50 cal and up). Small arms fire does cause suppression to friendly units however.

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yeah do the mods later when you know more what you want.... need ... gotta have... Mord is great about explaining how to APPLY the mods he does others think that I am smart so I pull my hair out.

Let us know if have any problems questions issues nightmares

I virus check all the stuff from repository .. right mouse click and run my avast..... just in case some game hater corrupts the repository files... take care stud ..

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Alright just bought CW and I'm loving it even more than the base game :D. I've always had an interest in both the Luftwaffe Field Divisions and the Polish 1st Armored and I was pleasantly surprised that both were modeled quite nicely. Only complaint I have so far are the SS skins, which look like re-skinned Wehrmacht player models. Not that I care that much about it because, the LwFD is so well done and I'll play them over SS any day, I always like playing as the underdog units better. I'm sure I'm far from the first one to notice this, though. Either way, I find it to be a great expansion if you can call it that, it's pretty much it's own game, it seems to have as many units and scenarios as the base game had. Can't wait for Italy!

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