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Thanks... That was actually quite interesting. Never heard of that little "sideshow of a sideshow of a sideshow..."

It might have gotten serious. It sits right astride the route to the Red Sea and Middle East and the Axis was toying with the idea of basing submarines there. That could have proven a major inconvenience for the Brits and Allies.


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Ferdinand wasn't in Sicily, and the first release covers Operation Husky. I don't think it makes an appearance in Italy until... Feb 44 I think, off the top of my head.

Glad the Pz III and some Italian stuff made it. Seems the Pz III was in both the "HG" (43 long 50 and 3 short 75) and 6 long 50's in the 15th PzGrd Div.

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Just noticed the Germans will have a Protze Truck.

Nice to see a new German soft skin in the game, but I hoped a Ford V 3000 S & Ford G917t more accurate for the period! Anyway thanks to BFC for this Krupp Prötze truck welcome in the battlefield, hope to see with the next modules more Ford, Renault, Peugeot & Citroën very present in the German vehicle fleet!

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