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Tricks to bolster the AI

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One of the benefits of CMBN is that I have started to play more of CMBO.

The AI makes suicidal rushes so I guess it is better to play as the attacker.

One trick I am trying is to run my tanks buttoned up all the time.

Any other tricks those of you who play against the AI use?

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One way to get around the enemy late-rushes (which sadly the enemy AI does even when he's defending a great position) would be to only fight meetings-engagements. However, I give the enemy a +50% to +100% handicap and +2 or +3 experience handicap. This also overcomes all my hard-learned gamey (but unrealistic) tactics. I also play with medium quality troops, automatically selected, but make the enemy of random quality and of unrestricted type, and set fog of war to full, so I never know what I'm up against until a little ways into contact.

But you get more options when playing using CMBB and CMAK. I've decided to put my campaign rule-set "Easy Company" under the CMC section, if you want to read it and see what I mean about the extra options....

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