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Dark Knight's 21st Army Group vs TOMMY

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DK and AndrewTF,

I am a convert! For years now I've been using the Commonwealth uniforms and formation patches that I downloaded (at great length) from the TOMMY sight. I do not know who the modder was but his uniforms were VERY GOOD. The only real drawback was that the full range of formation patches (also very good) were never completed. It was also quite cumbersome to switch from one formation to another (had to copy and rename the 5012.bmp).

Now that I have finally downloaded all 24 of your 21st AG mods and the AndrewTF uniform mod (the latter also available on the TOMMY site) I am quite impressed with the ease and, most importantly, the apparent COMPLETENESS of this work. I switched my Commonwealth forces from the Essex Scottish supported by tanks of the 2nd Cdn Armd Bde to the 2nd Bn Royal Ulster Rifles (blanco) supported by tanks of the 1st East Riding Yeomanry (to play "First Clash At Cambes" - a CMBO original) in just moments!

I haven't checked out EVERY option, so I will ask DK...are they really ALL there?

Also, an observation for DK or Andrew: there is an option for a Canadian battledress with blanco webgear, but only 5011.bmp changes. 5013 and 5014 remain regular. Is the option erroneous (only the British used blanco)?

Let me know at your convenience and, again, well done lads! :D

[ May 13, 2004, 11:41 PM: Message edited by: spayor ]

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It should all be there, but I'm sure someone would find things to correct me on....

As to the uniforms, I don't have the program in front of me right now so I can't test it, but there are options for AndrewTF's uniforms right in the ruleset (you don't have to download Andrew's uniforms from the uniform ruleset)....in fact, I recommend using the ones set up in the Army Group ruleset because I did arrange them differently. Simply go to the ruleset, choose a base uniform, then apply the insignia decals (and always start at the base uniform to clear the old details before adding new ones or you might end up with some strange results).

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I have removed the AndrewTF Uniforms ruleset. I see what you are talking about, you have them in your "BASEAFUNIFORMS" ruleset. They are working just fine.

However, here is the anomoly whereof I speak:

When I click on your "Andrew Fox Commonwealth Uniforms BMPs (Battledress)," I get four options, one of which is "Canadian Battledress (blanco)." When I choose this option the BMPs change as I described above. 5011 is good...5013 and 5014 not so much.

I am pretty good at renaming BMPs to make things work. I have done it many times before in the pre-CMMOS/MCMMM days. Is this a possible solution?

I am standing by for orders...

Steve :rolleyes:

P.S. Your Essex Scottish look great in 21st AG.

[ May 14, 2004, 06:52 PM: Message edited by: spayor ]

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Hmmm, you may have to fiddle with the bmp's but I know I had a full set there.....

Although, there are advanced blanco gear options in the second half, just above the vehicle options (I know it's a bit confusing to have them there but that was a restriction I was under before I did all the vehicles)....try looking at those advanced uniform options.

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