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Hi Papafourtwo.

As far as i know it would be a rather big piece of work to bring the Pacific game one the same build as the latest SC Global Conflict GOLD or SC WW1, so it will probably not happen, or if at all, only a transfer of the campaign into SC GC Gold or SC WW1.

But even this is probably right now out of the question.

The challenge unitl further notice is therefor up to the Pacific fan crowd to create a SC Global Conflict GOLD or SC WW1 mod of this great campaign.

I may be of course wrong, but that is what i remember from former questions regarding this topic.


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I recall it too xwormwood, this will not happen, SC PT is the least famous, and for consequence, the least sold SC game, for it to be upgraded to SC TGW lvl of interface and all other working system, will take lots of work, Fury Software would never release a patch to send this old game to such lvl, they would probably release an expansion patch, just like GOLD. It's a rare prossibility that this will happen.

On the other note, it's completely possible to bring this game as a mod to SC TGW, I tried once, but too much work and lack of will to do so. You can import the game map to the SC TGW or GOLD editor, it will import with lot's of error, capitals in wrong places, no scritp will be imported, the bitmaps are totally wrong. Anyone willing to mod it, will have lot's of work, but if you want to, it's possible.

The only reason I don't go back playing this game is because of the tech system, I can't work with it...

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