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The Main problem I have is trying to use the mortars


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In this bocage coutryside it is hard for observers to get a LOS. They seem to just be able to see to the next hedgerow. This requires moving the leaders up front and I don't know if that happened in WW II?

Also after getting to the second rows or so or hedgerows I am having another difficulty. The enemy show up as contacts (playing Veteran) but even when near them they seem to stay as contacts. They are in bocage so I assume they are hiding in there?

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Just think about it in terms of real life. An infantry leader on the ground doesn't have a bird's eye view of the battlefield, he can only see what he has LOS to, so he has to get up close to be able to direct mortar fire in.

Use the target command to do area fire on the known enemy positions, even if you can't actually see them. The bocage is essentially a wall, so you can't see through it until you get right up against it.

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