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(SPOILERS) That's what I call a stiff upper lip

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currently playing the Hill 112 series in PBEM - in the 0830 battle I put a (small) smoke screen at what I believed to be the enemy forward positions at East Maltot afterwards I ran my 7 Hampshires with their 9 RTR Churchill tanks and my M10 battery forward to engage the enemy. My infantry is still fighting to push the Germans out and the tanks give direct fire support. Then the enemy mounts a flank attack from Maltot / Maltot Church with a few pioneers it seems - and there shows up a Tiger! I call my M10s to hold off the Tiger and use 6 Churchills in the orchard to hold off the infantry until I have called my arty. One M10 falls to the Tiger :mad: - the Tiger closes in and becomes a threat to my Churchills in the orchard while my M10s are performing their shoot-n-scoot dance without avail. And now it happens - I order the most exposed Churchills to retreat under a cover of smoke, but the Tiger has closed in already

Watch the video

Now that's a stiff upper lip !!

  • The Churchill has orders to pop smoke and to withdraw.
  • Suddendly the Tiger shows up behind the edge of a bocage
  • The Tiger hits the Churchill - Turret penetration - three wounded in the Churchill - PANIC
  • Despite the PANIC the Churchill returns fired with an APDS
  • The APDS penetrates the Tiger and the bastard starts to burn!
  • Damage to the Churchill: Smoke mortar gone, tracks damaged, optics and radio a bit reduced.

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