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Friendly Fire risks

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I will be very surprised if that small caliber did harm to friendlies. I was certain that we had extensive discussions on this board that "light weapons" may suppress friendlies, but never harm them. And since both Blue and Red use a lot of 7.62 or similar...

However, I too have seen friendly casualties that could have resulted from firing 7.62 near them... I always thought maybe there was a hidden sniper someplace.

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With ricochets being modeled (I think) it's hard sometime to know what caused some friendly casualties. Enemy sniper or ricochet of a friendly 50 cal round that was fired at a target a safe distance away from the casualty.

Even firing what appears to be well over the heads of friendlies can cause casualties. Probably especially when area firing as the gun fires around a pretty good arc. Anyone know what are the parameters (ie deviation angle compared to aimed fire) of Area Fire?

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