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CM on the iPhone - first impressions

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I own CMBN but no iPad so I bought the touch version this morning.

I've just watched the video and played one mission ('Uncle Red Beach' as Germans) so that is not a terrible in depth analysis :)

I think the current version is ok, but I think I would have been of a different opinion if I wouldn't know and like CMBN.

What I like:

- the visuals - really neat graphics and good effects. Same goes for audio.

- the ability to re-watch the turn and especially to view the WHOLE game as one video.

What I don't like:

- the buttons are much too small and too close together when you give orders to units. They should be much further apart and bigger. The background is translucent anyway. The dropshadow is IMHO not necessary.

- turning the view is smooth but panning very often gets stuck and jumps (iPhone 4S). This is VERY annoying

- panning is also too fast - maybe thats a conversion thing from the iPad? An option to adjust sensitivity would be nice

- during replay: the slider is in its end position much too close to the 'continue' button'. Its very easy to hit the button instead of the slider and miss the review.

- colours: please use the CM colours: green for allies and grey for axis. When I started my game I thought I had the amis and was wondering what I did sitting on the objective.

- bug: the german artillery has the english voices

- bug: during replay if a unit gets destroyed it looses its icon. The icon is then not displayed at all if you rewind

I understand that getting the UI right for such a game is very, very hard and IMHO CM:T is on a good path here. Given BFCs history of supporting products I'm positively looking forward.

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Some more things:

- the FO shows to have an ammo of '100' for 105mm shells. That's enough for two missions. Since we cannot adjust mission length that should better read '2'.

- if you run out of arty shells you can still order a fire mission. The FO will go through the whole radio procedure and call for FFE but no rounds, spotting or otherwise, fall. That should be different.

- the 'LOS' text is white and thus unreadable if you want to fire on anything on a beach.

- how do you order to 'un-target'?

- tanks fire on the move and that very precisely. Search the CMBN forum for that topic... ;)

I had a Sherman drive unceremoniously from the beach to the objective in 6(?) turns through 5 teams while firing to the front, side and back(!) - all without stopping once.

- a one time event so maybe just bad luck: I had a prone team ambush said tank behind a hill just before the objective: they see the tank first (which is shooting backwards on another team) and manage to shoot all their Fausts into the hill between team and tank.

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I downloaded for my Iphone 4 mainly to support BF. I preffer to play on my PC.

I think poesel71 has some good points. My main problem was that the panning is too fast and hard to control. An option to adjust sensitivity would be nice indeed.

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Yeah I have problems dragging the camera. It isn't very smooth, and is annoying, as I always like getting in close to the units in games like this (Total War for example).

I'm no expert, but it seems like for the purposes of the game, a whole like 3 turns to finally start a decent artillery barrage is too long. I just started yesterday, but so far, my artillery has done absolutely nothing, and probably has only caused the Germans to die of laughter-the enemy rarely stays in the same place longer than a turn it seems.

Tanks shooting all their MGs at other tanks...really?!

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