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New file at the Repository: The Road to Montebourg (Revised) (2012-05-27)

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This is a revision of the campaign that shipped with the game disk. If you wish to preserve the original, I suggest that you make a back-up copy or rename it before putting this version in your campaigns folder. Revision Notes (27th May 2012)I made a number of changes to this campaign for the first revision. Here follows a list of the important ones.#1.... The majority of 2/8 INF units have GREEN experience. (PIR and GIR remain the same)#2.... A new mission has been added to the campaign on Day 1.#3.... US 60mm onboard mortars start their missions with LIMITED ammo. Generally, there is less ammo to go around in most missions but not drastically so.#4.... There are fewer chances of refitting thoughout the campaign.#5.... Air support has been added to three missions in the campaign and a FOS added to the OB to allow the player to use them#6.... Most missions have the possibility of up to 10 minutes of extra time (except 'Turnbull's Stand', and 'The Farmhouse' missions).Mission 1.... Made a few German units just a tad less brittle so that they'll put up a bit more of a fight.Mission 2.... ALL NEW 2/505 PIR mission addedMission 3.... Air Support added.Mission 4.... No changesMission 5.... Added Air Support to the variant when Easy Company performs the assault from the South without tank support only. the other variants remain unchangedMission 6.... No changesMission 7.... Reworked the AI plans, Added Air Support to the afternoon versions, not the eveni...


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