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Making new vehicles

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I'm fairly new to combat mission, and I like to mess around with the mission editor. The question I have, is is it possible to make new vehicles? Not just making new skins or sounds for existing ones, but totally new vehicles? I would like to try to make some battle of france era equipment if it is possible. Thanks for any help.

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In the annals of time, Steve, when he posted to this board often (ie, before CMBO was released) gave his reasons for not allowing this.

Basically it was because they wanted to make sure everyone was playing the same game and no one could be labeled a 'cheater'. Plus, if you think about it, if people can do more than mod the look of things there is less incentive to buy a new game.

If you could have downloaded someone's vehicle mods of Eastern front vehicles for free months before CMBB came out or paid money for CMBB, what do you think many people would do?

Conversely, allowing people to create an endless array of new graphics, sounds, and scenarios only increases the likelyhood of someone buying a CM game.


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