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Human opponent campaign

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I was trying to set up a test campaign in order to check how they could be played in HvH . I put yes under the [HUMAN OPPONENT ALLOWED] parameter of the campaign script. But when launching the campaign it only allows 2 players hotseat, the other 2 options ( Email and TCP/IP) remain disabled.

Is it event possible to have HvH campaign ? if yes how ? I've searched the forum for information, but no luck ... :confused:

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Yeah, I was simply thinking of a simple 2 battles campaign( eg. a dawn attack, followed by a morning counter attack). Where each players troops would carry over from the previous battle.

I think it could be very interesting as it would force player to assume a more realistic behaviour . Retreating would be a much more sensible option and players would not be so likely to throw all their remaining forces in the few last minutes of the battle in a last hope to conquer the objective.

I really hope BFC it going to implement that feature very soon !

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I'm pretty sure it's meant to be possible. The fact that you can access it hotseat means it's expecting 2 human players, and it seems to me that the odd thing is that different modes of 2-player play aren't available.

As has been said, though, it's perhaps tough to design a sequence of games that carries on with the same core units without handing a snowballing advantage to the winner of the earlier scenario(s). Your 2-battle campaign shouldn't be too hard to keep on track though.

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