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Buried ammo dumps in building basements - how?

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I've tried to duplicate the trick I've seen on the forum to make a buried ammo dump out of a vehicle that's placed in a lowered AS and then covered with a building. But the vehicle pops out of the building as soon as the game is launched.


Basic area elevation is 119

Dug 3 AS to 112 or so.

Placed the truck on one AS

Placed 1 modular 8 story building next to 2 modular 6 story buildings ( it's a chateau with a tower and one end).

Placed modular 2-story buildings in front of the main buildings, at normal ground level, and rubbed them to just 1 story, to give troops a ground level entrance and connect to the sunken building behind them.

A couple of thoughts:

The chateau has a SW orientation, and I sank the elevations on only the 3 AS directly under each of the sunken buildings. But because of the diagonal orientation, some corners of higher elevation jut into the sunken ones and the bottom of the basement is unevenly sloped instead of flat and square. Do you think I need to make the chateau orientation N-S or E-W for a cleaner set of elevation tiles?

Has anyone got a formula on how deep to dig for what height of building to make it sink and have the ground floor entrances line up with ground level?

In other words, how many meter deep is one building story in the game?

I'll try and post pics later if/when I can, if I don't come across a solution in the meantime.

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I´ve not tested, but that sounds to me like it´s the diagonal orientation, where the center of AS runs through the outer walls. The game might see a conflict when placing the vehicle and since it´s half valid and half invalid, it likely pops out to valid half. Think if the center of AS is completely within a building, it should work....I think. Tried that already with a bunker (but need to mention it was a destroyed/burning one and crashes the game right after start).

Think door/balcony height is around 2,50m, so it´s rather unlikely you could align it perfectly. I´ve some sunken buildings (for other reasons) on my current map as well and 1st story seems always 0,50m low or high. Beside doing some weird constructions, sinking buildings is of limited use only. But it´s fun to try. :D

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