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The Achilles

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Now maybe I introduce this topic a bit late, in light of the fact that CMBB and, especially, CMAK seem to be now dominating everyone's thoughts. Nonetheless, has anyone ever noticed a glitch in the Achilles' front lower turret, which is the color of the turret interior but has NO EXTERIOR texture?

I went back to the original BTS graphics and there it is! I suppose there's nothing that can be done about it?

Thoughts anyone? :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by JonS:

And even the Archer has a turret. Sort of. Well, ok, a superstructure, but it isn't much of a stretch to call it a turret.

A turret has to rotate to be called a turret, doesn't it? I mean, unless we are talking about part of a castle...


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All right, all right! Enough about turrets already!

Michael, don't call me luv, son.

Have any of you noticed what I'm talking about, provided any of you can find the turret-not-superstructure on the M-10-Wolverine-with-a-17lbr-called-Achilles-not-Archer?


[ May 13, 2004, 07:42 PM: Message edited by: spayor ]

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