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Removing horizon

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What I'd love to see (but don't have the chops or the dedication to do myself) is a whole range of modded world/skyboxes for CMBN. One that would look really cool, for example, would be a beachfront horizon box for D-Day scenarios -- it would set one horizon looking out to sea, and the image would be receding water and the whole panoply of barrage balloons, naval ships, etc., that you see in D-Day photos. The other important use of these mods would be for non-Normandy terrains and climates, like Italy, Huertgen, etc.

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i want to add a question - i removed successfully the horizon with an alpha channel but is there a possibility to change the colour of the worldbox (the green one under the map)?

Distant ground.bmp is the one you should look for. It's a relatively small bitmap that repeats itself once and again to form the map base. Regarding water surface texture...well, it's not exactly hard coded, but definitely it's coded. Doesn't really matter what texture changes you make to water textures since appearance it's mainly modified by 2 text files (.FRAG and .VERT) that are coded in GSLS language.

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