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[WIP] UnitPurchaser and sample of its use.

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Unit Purchaser


This tool reads the data from a csv file and clicks them on the CMBN Editor.

QB Campaign


This script is a sample of UnitPurchaser and Combat Recorder use.

An American ariborne company fights in Quick Battle-fields. Victory makes your company growing up.

This is like steel panthers campaign.

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These tools you are using seem really cool, I just can't get them to run. Beyond my capabilities I'm afraid. Have you thought of posting a step by step install tutorial with screen shots ?

I like the idea of a QB campaign ala steel panthers, any thoughts on trying to use that map making tool along with this effort ?

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Looks great but as others have hinted at am not entirely sure what I am watching.

Do remember that most of us only know how to use Windows and other standard programmers so often don’t even understand the jargon used by programmers... ;).

What is a csv file? I may of course be particularly stupid... :).

All the best,


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UnitPurchaser manual is under construction.

Following is Combat recorder install.

How to Install.

1, Put XXXStylemods.brz to Z folder in CMBN's Data folder, like Mods installation.


If you don't use any User Interface mods, put the BattlefrontStylemods0409.brz.

If you use Marco Bergman User Interface mods, put the ZZ Marco BermanStylemods0411.brz.

If you use Juju User Interface mods, put the JujuStylemods0330.brz

If you have any previous Japanzer's mod in CMBN's Data folder or in any subfolder of the data folder, then delete it.

2, Open the CombatRecorder.uws with your text editor, and edit the line of // Replace UnitToggleKey for your key. The key is written in "select previous unit" or "select next unit" in the hotkeys.txt.


"VK_Add" means "+".

If you had not edited "select previous unit" or "select next unit" the hotkeys.txt, you don't need to edit the CombatRecorder.uws. You can leave the CombatRecorder.uws. as it is. I've set the UnitToggleKey on CMBN default "select previous unit"(-).

3, Download the UWSC Freeware version. The url of the UWSC site is http://www.uwsc.info/download.html. Then, extract UWSC.


4, Associate the uws.extension with the UWSC.exe.

It is hard for me to tell how to associate extension. :( I can't take screenshots English Windows Control panel. If you don't know how to associate extension, search "how to associate extension" by using google, etc.

If you have trouble, run QuickCheck101.uws to generate CombatRecorderInstallCheck.txt. It might help you.

I did one mistake in QuickCheck101.uws. It should have had the CombatRecorder version.

Open QuickCheck101.uws by text editor, and replace

"fCR=fopen("CombatRecorder.uws", F_read or F_Write)" to

"fCR=fopen("CombatRecorder198a.uws", F_read or F_Write)"

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